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  • SOA Anti-Principles?

    Much has been written about SOA Patterns and Anti-Patterns over the years, and while SOA Principles are well defined and documented, their Anti-Principles are typically ignored or overlooked. Steve Jones discusses the need for more effort to be put into anti-patterns and starts with a few of his own.

  • Agile 2009 Program Announced

    The Agile Alliance's Agile2009 conference program has been announced, again organized by theme, not job description. It will be held this year in Chicago from Aug. 24-28. New: Coaching, Manifesting Agility. Back again: Open Jam, Programming w. the Stars, Live Aid, Muzic Masti, AAFTT (Testing) Workshop. Immediately followed this year the PLoP conference, also in Chicago.

  • PRISM 2 Supports Silverlight

    Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0, a.k.a. PRISM 2, has been released on Microsoft Downloads. This release offers guidance for building Silverlight client applications as well as guidance for reusing code between WPF applications and Silverlight ones.

  • A Quick Look at Architectural Styles and Patterns

    App Arch Guide 2.0 (Microsoft patterns&practices), Chapter 6, talks about architectural styles like Message-Bus, Layered Architecture, SOA. Beside those styles there are numerous architectural patterns like Plug-in, Peer-to-Peer, Publish-Subscribe. Some authors make a difference between architectural styles, patterns and metaphors.

  • A Rich Internet Application (RIA) Pattern

    Microsoft’s patterns&practices has published a RIA pattern under the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 project. The pattern addresses a 3-tier scenario providing a solution for it.

  • Venkat Subramaniam on Facts and Fallacies of Everyday Software Development

    Software development is challenging and lot of fun, but there are several factors that interrupt teams from succeeding in IT projects. These are usually not tools or technologies but it is the people that affect the success of software projects. In a keynote presentation at the recent CodeMash 2009 conference, Venkat Subramaniam talked about facts and fallacies of everyday software development.

  • Practicing Agility in Application Architecture

    Microsoft has published a How-To Design Using Agile Architecture guide under patterns & practices providing detailed guidelines to follow when architecting an application, the Agile way.

  • SEI publishes report integrating CMMI and Agile

    Last week was hot in international scenario on software development. The SEI (Software Engineering Institute) recently published a report entitled " CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both!", which addresses the integration between the ideas and practices of the CMMI with the ideas and practices of Agile as something possible in software development projects.

  • Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Beta1 Published

    Microsoft's patterns & practices group has published Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Beta1, a book containing principles, patterns and practices for designing the architecture of applications built on the .NET Framework. The intended audience is solution architects and development leaders.

  • Microsoft Patterns & Practices releases Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity Application Block 1.2

    Microsoft Patterns & Practices announced the availability of Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity Application Block 1.2

  • Gartner: Emerging SOA Patterns in the Enterprise

    Gartner analysts have observed increased adoption of the following 5 SOA design patterns * Multi-channel Applications * Composite Applications * Business Process Orchestration * Service Oriented Enterprise * Federated SOA

  • InfoQ Book Review: Agile Adoption Patterns

    Ryan Cooper picked up Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success by InfoQ's own Amr Elssamadisy and gives this book a positive: This book belongs on the bookshelf on anyone who is interested in helping a traditional software organization make an effective transition to a more agile way of working.

  • An Introduction to the Composite Application Library

    Microsoft patterns & practices has recently made available the Composite Application Guidance for WPF. A key component of this guidance is the Composite Application Library, a library useful to create composite WPF applications.

  • Defining Cloud Computing

    The term "cloud computing" has shown up everywhere from the Web 2.0 conference to the enterprise architecture whiteboard sessions in big companies to the laptops of startup developers. The big question being asked now is "what is cloud computing?"

  • Is Cohesion Important for SOA?

    Jim Webber re-ignited some interesting discussions about the need (or not) for Cohesive Services within SOA. What started as a fairly innocuous post has certainly generated a lot of debate.