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InfoQ Homepage News A Rich Internet Application (RIA) Pattern

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) Pattern

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Microsoft’s patterns&practices has published a RIA pattern under the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 project. The pattern addresses a 3-tier scenario providing a solution for it.

The scenario considers a RIA accessing a database without transferring any sensitive data by using a 3-tier design:


The proposed solution is:


The solution makes use of the following patterns:

  • User interface processing is handled by a Model-View-Controller pattern.
  • The user interface is composed of multiple controls, with some that can be bound to data elements.
  • A proxy is used to communicate between the presentation layer and service layer
  • The Data Transfer Object (DTO) pattern is used to package multiple data structures into one.
  • The service layer provides translation between internal and external data structures.
  • The business layer uses a façade pattern to support coarse-grained message-based operations.
  • Transaction Script objects are used to handle business request processing.
  • A Repository pattern is used to access domain entities.
  • A Domain Entity pattern is used to define business entities that contain data only.
  • A Data Mapper pattern is used to map domain entities to the database schema.

The guide explains in detail each pattern used and offers a technical solution which is, of course, based on Microsoft’s products. The respective solution can be nonetheless used with different products including open source ones.

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