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  • High-performance Teams – Avoiding Teamicide

    High-performance teams constitute a mere 2% of the workforce, but Agile processes appear to stimulate the formation of these types of teams. This article discusses Steve Denning's perspective on how such teams can be nurtured in the workplace; it also looks at a recent talk by Ominlab Media's Stefan Gillard on how to select and employ for the formation of high-performance teams.

  • Presentation: The Ethics of Error Prevention

    No one wants programming errors. We have many tools to detect and correct errors in code. We also have a number of techniques we can use to prevent the introduction of errors. In this presentation, Michael Feathers t looksat error prevention while posing a number of interesting questions.

  • Undergraduate Textbook for Agile Development

    One unfortunate modern truth about software engineering university graduates is that a frightening number come out of school with little to no applicable knowledge about agile software development. A soon to be published undergraduate textbook by Orit Hazzan and Yael Dubinsky is a step towards turning this around.

  • Crunch Mode And Making Superstars Average

    James Golick and Reg Braithwaite discuss the often overlooked realities of how putting teams into "Crunch Mode" can have undesirable results. The discussion looks at various ways applying pressure to a team often results in putting your project into not better but worse shape and how teams and managers might benefit by taking a different approach.