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  • Software Testing in the World of Next-Gen Technologies

    The introduction of next-gen technologies like AI, Big Data, Robotics and IoT have quickly redefined the way the world looks at software technology. Some of the biggest impacts of these changing trends can be seen in the software testing industry. This article discusses how these emerging technologies need some new approaches, and changes to existing approaches to software testing.

  • Validation of Autonomous Systems

    This article introduces validation and certification as well as the general approval of autonomous systems and their components, such as those used in automation technology and robotics. It gives an overview of methods for verification and validation of autonomous systems, sketches current tools and show the evolution towards AI-based techniques for influence analysis of continuous changes.

  • Five Reasons You Shouldn't Reproduce Issues in Remote Environments

    Bugs are an unavoidable part of software development and also one of the biggest time sinks developers face when building software. One way we waste time when working on bugs is trying to reproduce issues in remote test environments. There are some circumstances where this is a wise approach and some where it is a waste. Knowing the difference is an important skill.

  • The Current and Future State of Testing: a Conversation with Lisa Crispin

    Lisa Crispin talks about the current and future state of testing, how testing works in agile environments, the value testers bring to DevOps, testing machine learning and where testing is headed. Testing is a communication activity and communication skills are vital to successfully leveraging testing skills and knowledge in modern software development.