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Mocking .NET without Hurting Its Feelings

Posted by John Wright  on  Dec 09, 2018 Posted by John Wright Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 09, 2018

John Wright discusses two main types of mocking frameworks: constrained frameworks (like RhinoMocks and Moq) and unconstrained frameworks (such as Typemock Isolator and Telerik JustMock).


The State of the Art on .NET

Posted by Josh Graham  on  May 21, 2010 2 Posted by Josh Graham Follow 0 Followers , Amanda Laucher Follow 0 Followers  on  May 21, 2010 2

Amanda Laucher and Josh Graham present some of the most important elements of the .NET ecosystem: F#, M, Boo, NUnit, RhinoMocks, Moq, NHibernate, Castle, Windsor, NVelocity, Guerilla WCF, Azure, MEF.


Mock Roles Not Object States

Posted by Steve Freeman  on  Aug 10, 2008 Posted by Steve Freeman Follow 0 Followers , Nat Pryce Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 10, 2008

Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman talk about TDD using Mock Objects. Mock Objects improves the software design and makes the code more easier to maintain and adapt to changing requirements.