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  • Interview: John Lam About IronRuby

    In this interview, John Lam, Program Manager on the Dynamic Language Runtime team at Microsoft, talks about IronRuby, what it means to .NET supporters and how it has been received by the Ruby community.

  • John Lam Responds to Ruby.NET vs. IronRuby

    A recent article by M. David Peterson on the O'Reilly Network entitled "Ruby.NET vs. IronRuby: What's the Difference" received the attention of John Lam, leader of the IronRuby project at Microsoft. John follows up David's article with some clarifications of his own with respect to IronRuby.

  • Dynamic Language Runtime Announced

    Microsoft has announced that they are building an extension to the Common Language Runtime called the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). This extension is being designed to enable interoperability between dynamic languages in the same manner that the CLR enabled interoperability between statically typed languages.

  • Microsoft announces IronRuby

    Microsoft has just announced IronRuby at their MIX 07 conference. This also kicks off a bigger effort to support dynamic languages on .NET. Based on the experience gained in developing IronPython, a common Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) builds the foundation for IronRuby, IronPython, JavaScript (EcmaScript 3.0) and Visual Basic.

  • RubyCLR Creator to Join Microsoft

    John Lam, the creator of RubyCLR, has accepted a position at Microsoft. While he hasn't yet revealed his new duties, he has stated that he will not leave the Ruby community.