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  • IMPACT11: 'Business Agility' With IBM's Latest WebSphere Advancements

    IBM's IMPACT 11 conference is underway this week hosting more than 8,000 business and IT leaders representing 60 countries, gathered to learn discuss how to "work smarter for better business outcomes". During the 4 day event, IBM revolves their unveiling of many new tools, products, solutions, and ideas around the one key message of enabling "Business Agility".

  • Interview: Jay Fields and Zak Tamsen on Domain Specific Languages

    Jay Fields and Zak Tamsen talked with InfoQ about Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), and how they have successfully used them in their projects at ThoughtWorks to empower businesses, reduce development time, and increase the agility of projects.

  • JBoss Drools 4.0: Business rules now more accessible to non-programmers

    JBoss Drools, an open-source business rules engine, recently reached version 4.0. InfoQ took the opportunity to learn more about JBoss Drools and its current and future capabilities.

  • Article: Implementation of business rules and business processes in SOA

    Boris Lublinsky and Didier Le Tien discuss how business process engines and business rule engines differ, where their respective strengths are and when to use what in an SOA context. They discuss commonalities and differences between business rules and business processes and present some guidelines on positioning business rules in SOA implementation and appropriate usage of each technology.

  • InfoQ Article: When and How to Formalize Business Rules

    The terms "Agile software development" and "Business Agility" are confusing: are they orthogonal or complementary? James Taylor says that for even the most complex systems, Agile development can deliver business agility - particularly when supported by the right technology. For business rules he recommends a Rules Engine, and provides guidance in how to distinguish rules from requirements.

  • InfoQ Article: Real World Rules Engines

    Rule engines are a useful tool that can be used to externalize business logic, involve business users, or solve certain classes of problems in an efficient way. In this InfoQ Article, Geoffrey Wiseman explains what, when, and how to use rules engines along with his experiences applying them in finanicial services.