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    Packet Inspection for Unauthorized OS Detection in Enterprises

    by B.S. Manoj Follow 0 Followers , B. Thanudas Follow 0 Followers , Rohit Tyagi Follow 0 Followers , Tuhin Paul Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 10, 2015 3

    The authors discuss an approach that uses TCP SYN packets for OS fingerprinting to detect the presence of unauthorized OSs in an enterprise.

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    Fighting Developer Fatigue with JNBridge

    by Wayne Citrin Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 01, 2015

    Developer fatigue is the overwhelming frustration felt by developers who are under pressure to keep current with a flood of new languages, libraries, frameworks, platforms and programming models. JNBridge offers a way to help alleviate developer fatigue by allowing you to mix the libraries you know with code written in the language you are learning.

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    A Post-Apocalyptic sun.misc.Unsafe World

    by Christoph Engelbert Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 30, 2015 7

    The removal of sun.misc.Unsafe and other private APIs in Java 9 has in recent weeks divided the Java community perhaps as never before in its 20 year history. Even though a resolution has now been proposed and a migration path presented, the big question remains: What will a post sun.misc.Unsafe world look like?

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Java Bytecode: Bending the Rules

Posted by Rafael Winterhalter Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 10, 2015

Few developers ever work with Java bytecode directly, but bytecode format is not difficult to grok. In this article Rafael Winterhalter takes us on a tour of Java bytecode & some of its capabilities.

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Secrets of the Bytecode Ninjas

Posted by Ben Evans Follow 21 Followers on  Mar 24, 2015

Java is defined by the Java Language Spec, but the resulting bytecode is defined by a completely separate standard. This article looks at the structure of class files and how to create them directly.


InfoQ Talks to Azul Systems Gil Tene Part 2

Posted by Ben Evans Follow 21 Followers on  Jan 17, 2015

In this part 2 of InfoQ's conversation with Gil Tene of Azul Systems, Gil discusses their latest engineering project aimed at bringing better low-level memory layout control to Java.


InfoQ Talks to Azul Systems Gil Tene about Zing, Zulu, and New Releases

Posted by Ben Evans Follow 21 Followers on  Jan 06, 2015

Gil Tene of Azul Systems talks about shipping their Java 8 compatible release and the need for certified builds.


DukeScript: A New Attempt to Run Java Everywhere

Posted by Abel Avram Follow 7 Followers on  Oct 09, 2014

DukeScript is a technology meant to bring Java to every client, mobile or desktop, without the need of a plug-in, in an attempt to fulfill the initial vision for Java: Write Once, Run Everywhere.


Java 8 Lambdas - A Peek Under the Hood

Posted by Mario Fusco Follow 0 Followers , Richard Warburton Follow 0 Followers , Raoul Urma Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 07, 2014

This article sheds light on how Java 8 lambda expressions and method references are implemented under the hood, and looks at the generated bytecode and performance implications. 1


Docker: Present and Future

Posted by Chris Swan Follow 490 Followers on  Aug 31, 2014

Chris Swan presents an overview of the Docker journey so far and where it is headed along with its growing ecosystem of tools for orchestration, composition and scaling. 3

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Where Has the Java PermGen Gone?

Posted by Monica Beckwith Follow 534 Followers on  Jul 07, 2014

Prior to JDK8 class metadata and constants would live in an area called the “permanent generation”. In JDK8 PermGen has now moved to native memory, to an area known as the “Metaspace”. 4


Book Review: Vagrant up and running

Posted by Matthias Marschall Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 06, 2013

Mitchell Hashimoto released his book "Vagrant up and running" which covers everything from basic Vagrant usage to extending its functionality.

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