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  • Online Resources to Get Started with iOS 8 Development

    Apple has officially released iOS 8 today. During the months since its announcement at WWDC 2014, the number of online resources to get started with iOS 8 development has grown significantly. Here you can find a selection of resources that will guide you through iOS 8 new features and frameworks.

  • AtlasCamp 2014 Highlights: New REST APIs and Data Center Offerings

    Development and collaboration software vendor Atlassian held its annual developer conference AtlasCamp in Berlin, focusing on the recently launched Atlassian Connect 1.0, the new REST APIs for Confluence and HipChat as well as the JIRA and Confluence Data Center offerings for high availability and performance at scale.

  • Google Releases Google Play Services 5.0

    Recently released Google Play Services 5.0 includes a number of new features, such as Android wearable services APIs, Dynamic Security Provider and App Indexing, along with updates to existing APIs. The new release should already be rolling out worldwide to Android devices running Android 2.2 or better.

  • Drupal Integration with Native iOS and Android Apps

    At latest Drupal Conference in Austin, TX, mobile and web development company Lemberg has introduced a native Drupal 8 software development kit. Lemberg's SDK aims at making it easier for developers to handle the communication between a native mobile app and a Drupal website. The SDK is currently available only for iOS and Android, while the Windows Phone version should be coming soon.

  • Google Chrome PDF Engine is now Open Source

    Google has open sourced Chrome PDF engine, which allows to view and print PDF files, and fill PDF forms. The announcement came earlier this month from Foxit Software, the original maker of Foxit PDF SDK, which Google chose as the base for its Chrome PDF engine. Formerly closed-source, Chrome PDF code is now hosted on Google Source as the PDFium open source project.

  • Swagger Creator Wants to Build Better SOAP for Web APIs

    During the recent GlueCon 2014 conference in Colorado, Tony Tam, the creator of Swagger and CEO of Reverb, gave a well attended talk on Swagger APIs for humans (and robots), where he announced the Swagger 2.0 Working Group and an early version of an online code editor offering a dynamic YAML to Swagger UI conversion.

  • Apple Announces New iOS 8 SDK and Developer Tools

    At its 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, alongside new SDKs and development tools. New Apple software includes over 4000 new APIs, including all new frameworks such as HealthKit, HomeKit, and CloudKit, and enhancements to the platform gaming capabilities. Apple also announced a new language aiming at being the successor to Objective-C.

  • iBeacon Device Maker Estimote Releases 1.3 SDK with UUID Customization

    Estimote, a maker of iBeacon devices, has released a new version of their mobile SDK that allows developers to build contextual computing solutions using small Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE) beacons called “motes”. These devices are capable of broadcasting BLE signals that can be detected by compatible smartphones to enable a variety of micro-location services.

  • Creating Apps for Samsung Gear with Tizen SDK for Wearable

    After a first generation of wearable devices built with Android, Samsung decided to bring to market a second wave of devices based on Tizen, the open source mobile operating system developed along with Intel. Now, they have released an SDK for creating applications for such devices.

  • Woos Windows Developers with New Toolkits for .NET is attempting to make it easier for .NET developers to consume its web services thanks to a new pair of open-source Toolkits. These Toolkits target the REST API and Chatter API and are the brainchild of Salesforce Platform Advocate Wade Wegner who talked to InfoQ about the goals and logistics of building these components.

  • Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Update Released

    Microsoft has released Windows Phone SDK Update for 7.8 with two new emulator images for 256 MB and 512 MB Windows Phone devices.

  • Android 4.0 Unifies Tablets and Phones with New Features

    Android 4.0 runs both on tablets and phones, having new features for UI, communication, sharing, media, connectivity, input types and enterprise.

  • Google Has Released a YouTube SDK for .NET

    Google has released a YouTube SDK for .NET for those interested in programmatically accessing YouTube from a .NET or ASP.NET application. The YouTube API is built on top of Google's GData protocol, extending it with specific data classes contained in the Google.GData.YouTube namespace.

  • Amazon Helps .NET Developers Program for Its Clouds

    Amazon has released the AWS SDK for .NET, a set of libraries, code samples and documentation for .NET developers creating applications that use Amazon’s cloud.

  • Ruby SDK for the Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform Released

    The DotNetServicesRuby team, a partnership between Microsoft and Thoughtworks, announced the launch of Milestone 1 - Technology Preview of Ruby SDK for Microsoft .NET Services, a key component in Azure, the Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform.