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  • SOAP Over Java Messaging Service

    W3C has just released Candidate Recommendation SOAP over Java Message Service 1.0, defining how SOAP should bind to a messaging system that supports the Java Message Service (JMS).

  • A Comparison of JAX-RS Implementations

    The JAX-RS world now has at least 4 different implementations to choose from. But which is the best? Is that a valid question to ask at all? Well Solomon Duskis has set out to try to answer the question as best he can but comparing and contrasting the leading lights in this area.

  • SOAP Stack an Embarrassing Failure?

    The debate over REST vs. SOAP is really an age-old one. However it fired up again over a recent remark by XML guru Tim Bray that SOAP stack is an embarrassing failure.

  • Article: Rationalizing the presentation tier

    Thin client paradigm characterized by web applications is a kludge that needs to be repudiated. Old compromises are no longer needed and it’s time to move the presentation tier to where it belongs. In this article, Ganesh Prasad and Peter Svensson explains how and why.

  • SAAJ - Fine in Theory, Broken in Practice?

    In a blog entry, Spring Web Services lead developer Arjen Poutsma discusses the sad state of various SAAJ implementations in major application servers.

  • Interview: Pete Lacey on REST and Web Services

    In this interview, recorded at QCon San Francisco, (then) Burton Group consultant Pete Lacey talks to Stefan Tilkov about the reasons for his disillusionment with SOAP, describes the ideas behind REST, and addresses some of its perceived shortcomings. Finally, he discusses cases where SOAP/WS-* or RESTful HTTP might be more appropriate.

  • New Options for .NET-Java Web Services Interoperability

    When it comes to web services interoperability between .NET and Java, the choice used to be limited to SOAP over HTTP. Two new options recently became available in this area: WebSphere MQ (WMQ) and ActiveMQ transports can now be used for building interoperable web services between Java and .NET.

  • The Apache Incubator CXF team announced the availability of the 2.0.4 release

    CXF is a fully featured Open Source Web Services Framework which people claim is easy to use and is industrial strength. CXF is also embeddable and people have used it often in combination with Spring. CXF is the combination of the Celtix and XFire communities coming together at Apache.

  • Presentation: Jim Webber on "Guerilla SOA"

    In one of the most entertaining presentations on the topic ever, Dr. Jim Webber debunks myths about the mainstream ESB concept and explains how a lightweight approach can yield real benefits without giving in to vendor pressure. Jim claims that an ESB often ends up being just a thin veneer on an existing mess, and how an approach that doesn't put intelligence into the network is superior.

  • Using Axis2 for Asynchronous Web Services

    A new article by Eran Chinthaka, Develop asynchronous Web services with Axis2, provides several examples of using the asynchronous APIs of Axis2 in client and server side applications.

  • KonaKart: Free Java-based online shopping cart

    KonaKart, a free Java-based online shopping cart, just released version InfoQ spoke with KonaKart founder Paolo Sidoli to learn more about this release, and how KonaKart fits into the online shopping cart space.

  • SOAP/TCP Transport for WCF

    Noemax releases a SOAP/TCP transport implementation for WCF, which makes use of the Fast Infoset in order to improve performance and interoperability of WCF services.

  • Article: Open Source WS Stacks for Java - Design Goals and Philosophy

    InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov questioned lead developers of Apache Axis2, Apache CXF, Spring Web Services, JBossWS and and Sun’s Metro about their design goals, their approach towards Java and Web services standards, data binding, accessing XML, interoperability, REST support, and framework maturity. The results revealed many similarities and some noteworthy differences.

  • Presentation: Scott Davis on Real World Web Services

    In this presentation, recorded at the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium, Scott Davis provides a pragmatic, down-to-earth introduction to Web services as used in the real world by public sites, including SOAP-based, REST and POX-style examples. While the buzzword density leaves nothing to be desired, the presentation contains a very accessible introduction to the core Web services standards.

  • Apache Geronimo 2.0: Certified Java EE 5 compatible

    Apache Geronimo, an open-source Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application server, recently released version 2.0.1. InfoQ took the opportunity to learn more about Apache Geronimo and where it fits into the application server space.