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Standardization Proposal for SOAP/JMS Binding

In an email to the Apache Axis developers mailing list at, Sonic's Glen Daniels has announced that IBM, Sonic, TIBCO and BEA have creates a joint proposal for a standardized SOAP/JMS binding. SOAP over JMS is one of the possible choices for Web services-based reliable messaging, relying on a reliable transport instead of a SOAP-level reliability protocol such as WS-Reliable Messaging.

In the email, Glen writes:
As some of you may know, several companies (BEA, IBM, Progress, and TIBCO) have been working on a formal set of specifications for binding SOAP to the Java Message Service API. These specs consist of a) a SOAP binding, and b) a description of the "jms:" IRI scheme which is used for addressing. The specs do NOT cover an interoperable wire-level representation which could bridge different vendors' JMS implementations - though a future version might go there. This version has been designed so that plugging in a different implementation should work seamlessly without recompiling any code; as such we define a BytesMessage encapsulation of SOAP (and MTOM), a "Content-Type" JMS header, and a few other needed parts.
Here's an example of a WSDL file following the proposed specification:

<binding name="StockQuoteSoapJMSBinding" type="tns:StockQuotePortType" xmlns:soapjms="*placeholder*">
<wsdl11soap11:binding style="document"

<!-- We want this binding to use a particular CF class -->
<!-- Specify PERSISTENT delivery mode -->

<operation name="GetLastTradePrice">
<wsdl11soap11:operation soapAction=""/>
<wsdl11soap11:body use="literal"/>
<wsdl11soap11:body use="literal"/>

<service name="StockQuoteService">
<documentation>My first service</documentation>
<port name="StockQuotePort" binding="tns:StockQuoteSoapBinding">
<wsdl11soap11:address location=""/>
<port name="StockQuotePort_jms" binding="tns:StockQuoteSoapJMSBinding">
<wsdl11soap11:address location="jms:myQueue?targetService=stockquote"/>

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