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Microsoft Previews Cross Platform Tool for Working with SQL Server

by David Iffland Follow 4 Followers on  Nov 21, 2017

Microsoft has released a public preview of SQL Operations Studio, a cross platform tool for working with SQL Server. This product is based on the existing Visual Studio Code editor and uses the SQL Tools API service under the hood.

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Azure SQL Intelligences Aims to Help DBAs and Developers

by Jeff Martin Follow 16 Followers on  Nov 05, 2017

Microsoft seeks to make database management easier for users of its Azure SQL service and SQL Server through the addition of new features it calls Performance Management Intelligence. They are designed to provide easier database management for both DBAs and app developers.

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Bringing a DevOps Approach to Databases

by Jeff Martin Follow 16 Followers on  Nov 02, 2017

Today at Day 1 of PASS Summit 2017, Redgate Evangelist Steve Jones presented his tips for taking a DevOps approach to database management. His approach includes tips that can benefit installations of all sizes.

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SQL Server 2017 RC1 Arrives with Expanded Linux Functionality

by Jeff Martin Follow 16 Followers on  Jul 24, 2017

After seven preview releases, Microsoft has announced the release of the first Release Candidate for SQL Server 2017. Those running SQL Server on Linux will find several new capabilities. Foremost among these is TLS support and Active Directory Authentication.

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Getting Started with the SQL Server First Responder Kit

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  Feb 09, 2017 6

Your SQL Server database is slowly grinding to a halt, your DBA is on vacation, and you don’t know where to start. This is when you break out the SQL Server First Responder Kit. This open source project consists of a set of scripts to help the DBA, or accidental DBA, fix and tune a SQL Server instance.

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Google Pursues Enterprise, Targets Windows and SQL Server Workloads

by Kent Weare Follow 9 Followers on  Feb 04, 2017

Google recently announced increased support for Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, in the Google Cloud Platform, by providing pre-configured images for Windows Server Core and SQL Server Enterprise Edition. Google has also added support for High Availability and Disaster Recovery scenarios using SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups.

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SQL Server is the New Hunting Ground in the Cloud

by Elton Stoneman Follow 2 Followers on  Aug 23, 2016

You can now run Microsoft SQL Server on Google Cloud Platform. All the major cloud providers support SQL Server, either with an IAAS or PAAS model, but the offerings have very different feature sets. Providing an attractive option for migrating SQL Server to the cloud seems to be a new focus for Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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AWS Adds Native SQL Server Backups to Database-as-a-Service

by Richard Seroter Follow 5 Followers on  Aug 08, 2016

AWS released an update to its Relational Database Service (RDS) that allows users to take advantage of native SQL Server backup and restore functionality. AWS beat Microsoft Azure to market with this capability which simplifies database migration and disaster recovery scenarios.

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Query Optimizer Improvements in SQL Server 2016

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  Jun 03, 2016 1

While the last two versions of SQL Server focused on improving performance by offering new features, SQL Server 2016 looks inwards towards improving existing functionality.

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SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition is Free

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  Jun 02, 2016 3

In conjunction with the release of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has announced that the Developer Edition of SQL Server will be free.

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NOLOCK is Broken in SQL Server 2014 SP1

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  May 29, 2016

The NOLOCK directive was broken in Cumulative Update #6 for SQL Server 2014 SP1. As a result, databases that relied on that directive may experience unexpected blocking and/or deadlocks.

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SQL Server 2005 is No Longer Receiving Security Updates

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  May 04, 2016 2

SQL Server 2005 has now officially hit its end of life. This means that it will no longer receive security updates and new vulnerabilities that are discovered will go unfixed. Yet a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft showed that 46% of companies using SQL Server had at least one production machine running SQL Server 2005.

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SQL Server's Servicing Rules Have Changed

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  Mar 30, 2016

Microsoft has dramatically changed the support policy for SQL Server. In the past, the policy was essentially "wait for a service pack unless you have a problem". Now they want developers to proactively Cumulative Updates.

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SQL Server Now Offers NoSQL Style Memory-Optimized Tables

by Jonathan Allen Follow 530 Followers on  Mar 29, 2016

SQL Server 2016 is removing a lot of the limitations on memory-optimized tables including the inability to work with the large documents favored by NoSQL style designs.

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Microsoft SQL Server to Land on Linux

by Sergio De Simone Follow 12 Followers on  Mar 09, 2016

Microsoft’s executive vice president of the cloud and enterprise group Scott Guthrie announced SQL Server is coming to Linux, thus once more confirming Microsoft’s new course on open source software. SQL Server will be generally available on Linux sometime mid 2017, with a private preview being available now.

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