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  • What to Use on the Microsoft Stack

    With Microsoft’s unwillingness to officially deprecate technologies such as Silverlight, figuring out which technologies on the .NET stack have a future and which should be avoided can be challenging. To help you out, we have summarized what we know of Microsoft’s intentions when it comes to business applications.

  • Windows and Line of Business Applications: No Good Options

    At Build 2013 Microsoft unveiled a number of new features that make the WinRT platform more interesting for developers working on LOB applications, but without a deployment story WinRT simply isn’t viable. Meanwhile WPF, like Silverlight and WinForms, has entered its twilight phase.

  • Sharing Code in WCF without Code Generation

    One of the principal problems with normal WCF development is code reuse. No matter how well you design your classes on the server, once the proxy generator has touched them you get nothing but simple DTOs. This article shows how to bypass the proxy generator so that your client and server can share code.

  • Interview with Mathew MacDonald, Author of Pro Silverlight 5 in C#

    We spoke with Matthew MacDonald about Silverlight’s role in the developer’s toolbox and how that role is shifting from cross-platform development to line of business applications. Also covered are some of the highlights from Silverlight 5 and a sample chapter on Silverlight animation from his book.

  • Rob Eisenberg on Caliburn.Micro and MVVM

    We spoke with Rob Eisenberg, creator of Caliburn and Caliburn Micro, about his experiences creating the popular framework and his thoughts on the MVVM in general.

  • Three Tips to Successfully Load Test Microsoft Silverlight Applications

    While Silverlight is an attractive option for developing expanded application, it brings new challenges to organizations. In preparation, companies must adapt their testing approach. Given the way new technologies work when deployed on internet/intranet applications, a careful approach to testing is important.

  • HTML 5 or Silverlight?

    While HTML5 is still a draft standard, its ultimate role as the dominant cross-platform solution is certain. Even Microsoft calls HTML “the only true cross-platform solution for everything.” But in many ways it is still severely limited when compared to Silverlight. Daniel Jebaraj of Syncfusion weighs in on the future of Silverlight and HTML5 with guidance on how to choose between the two.

  • Book Excerpt and Interview: Silverlight 4 in Action

    Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown is a comprehensive guide to Silverlight application building using C#. It features several practical examples that explore flexible layout, control extensibility, the communication and binding models, rich media, animation and more.

  • Virtual Panel: The Current and Future State of RIA

    InfoQ recently conducted a virtual panel via email on the current and future state of RIA and Ajax technologies. The panel features a number of valued contributors to the community including Dion Almaer, Jnan Dash, Didier Girard, Peter Pilgrim, Tim Sneath, and Ryan Stewart.

  • Silverlight and Java Interoperability

    Robert Bell, Microsoft, introduces interoperability scenarios for using Silverlight from Java and provides architectural guidance using sample code snippets.