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  • Developer Learning Isn’t Just Important, It’s Imperative

    Every industry leader worries about the scarcity of high-quality software engineers. That means companies feel serious pressure to constantly hire new and better developers. But rather than looking externally for a solution, what if companies looked internally? Here’s the reality: meaningful developer learning helps companies convert silver medalists into gold medalists.

  • Cultivate Team Learning with Xtrem Reading

    To thrive in the 21st century, companies have to continually enhance their capabilities to create what they want to create. Becoming a learning organization is key to success in the modern world. Peter Senge defined 5 disciplines of a learning organization. This article introduces workshop techniques that will help you start your journey in the 4th discipline, team learning.

  • A Great Engineer Needs the Liberal Arts

    Much of what helps you become a great software engineer, and create outstanding software that people want to use, comes from outside the world of STEM. The ability to effectively analyze a problem, evaluate different options, and engineer a solution requires skills taught in the liberal arts.

  • When the Jobs Go Marching in

    Alex discusses the rising demand for IT workers in the next decades and the implications of the different approaches employed by people to fulfill this demand. It introduces the distinction between “professionals” and “practitioners”, discusses the possible different outcomes from each group as they are embedded within businesses, and provides some recommendations.