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Software Engineering for Creativity, Collaboration, and Inventiveness

by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers on  Apr 12, 2018

A software engineering discipline must be iterative, based on feedback, incremental, experimental, and empirical. Craftsmanship is not sufficient; engineering is an amplifier, it enhances creativity, collaboration, and inventiveness. Continuous delivery is grounded in engineering principles.

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Book Review Understanding Software by Max Kanat-Alexander

by Roland Meertens Follow 8 Followers on  Oct 27, 2017

The book "Understanding Software" by Max Kanat-Alexander is an interesting read for project managers and software architects. It provides insights into how to keep your software simple, and how you can avoid complex unmaintainable software. The book is most useful for project managers and architects.

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Girl Scouts Introduce STEM-Focused Badges

by Susan McIntosh Follow 10 Followers on  Aug 23, 2017

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) recently announced a set of new badges available at different age-levels, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics.

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Tackling the Lack of Women in Technology

by Shane Hastie Follow 28 Followers on  Jun 06, 2016 1

There have been a number of articles written recently that explore the under-representation of women in technology fields and highlight some of the groups working to overcome the lack and help the technology industry become more relevant and attractive to women.


Software – Is it "Engineering" Yet?

by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers on  Jul 16, 2015 49

At the GOTO Amsterdam 2015 conference Mary Shaw talked about progress towards an engineering discipline of software. She explored what it means to have an engineering discipline, how far we have progressed toward having one for software, and what can be the next steps.


Google Course: UX Design for Mobile Developers

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Aug 01, 2014 3

UX Design for Mobile Developers is a free/paid course created by Google to help developers become UX designers.


Presentation: IASA’s Five Pillars of Architecture

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 19, 2012

In his online presentation “Five Pillars of IT Architecture” Jim Wilt, architect at Microsoft, introduced IASA's view on the foundation of architecture. The pillars IASA identified include business technology strategy, IT environment, quality attributes, design and human dynamics.


Crossing the Software Education Chasm

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  May 27, 2012

In their recent blog posting “Crossing the Software Education Chasm” for the Communications of the ACM Armando Fox and David Patterson from UC Berkeley address the tradeoff between university education of software engineers and actual expectations of employers. They suggest that a solution to reduce this gap consists of teaching students agile development of SaaS apps using tools like rails.


Do Software Engineers Need a Degree in Computer Science?

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  May 18, 2012 38

The role of a software Engineer” does not necessarily require a degree in Computer Science. In his article for Dr. Dobb’s, “Software Engineers All!” Andrew Binstock discusses whether software engineers really require a degree in computer science to perform an excellent job.

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