NoFlo Aims to Enable Visual Flow-Based JavaScript Programming with Kickstarter Funding

by Zef Hemel on  Aug 16, 2013 1

NoFlo is a 2 year-old project aiming to bring flow-based programming to JavaScript, both in the browser and server (node.js). Until now, flows had to be defined using the textual FPB language. NoFlo's creator, Henri Bergius, is now seeks $100k in Kickstarter funding to be able to build a web-based visual designer to develop these flows visually as well.

Presentation: Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

by Dave West on  May 18, 2009 3

This session takes a comprehensive look the "Web as Platform," including implications for software architecture design and innovations and ideas that are just now being fully appreciated. Hinchcliffe offers a far ranging, but focuses discussion of system design and the discipline and practice of software architecture; information, that architects and technical leads must know.

Google SoC Series: Constraint programming with Ruby

by Werner Schuster on  Jun 08, 2007 1

Constraint programming is a type of logic programming which allows you to define the constraints of a problem and leave it up to the computer to determine a solution. A Google SoC sponsored project will bring constraint programming to Ruby via a binding to the Gecode library. We talked to Andreas Launila, who develops the project.

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