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  • More Clouds Gather on the Horizon

    Adobe has readied, IBM has presented their cloud offering, while Oracle will use Sun Cloud to join their ranks. If there was a doubt about it, now it is obvious that cloud computing is the future of enterprise IT.

  • Sun Clarifies on the G1 Garbage Collector Licensing Controversy

    A couple of days ago InfoQ posted an article about the fact that the release notes for G1 in the latest Java update, mandated that it was to be used in production only by organizations with a Sun support contract. Following the debate and the reactions that where raised in the community, Sun has explicitly updated the release notes and has removed the controversial clause.

  • Is Sun offering the new G1 Garbage Collector Only with a Paid Support Contract?

    Sun's Garbage First garbage collector (nicknamed G1) has been released with Java Update 1.6.0_14 (6u14). Although this low pause, server style collector has been long awaited by the developer's community, at this point Sun allows production usage only to paying customers and this has raised concerns.

  • Open Database Alliance: New Direction for mySQL

    Monty Program Ab, a MySQL database engineering company, and Percona, a MySQL services and support firm, today announced the "The Open Database Alliance." This effort will fork the mySQL code base, using MariaDB as a starting point. MariaDB was created by Monty Widenius, co-founder of mySQL.

  • What will Oracle’s Planned Acquisition of Sun Mean for Java

    Whilst Sun Microsystems and Oracle are hailing Oracle’s purchase of Sun as a huge boost for Java many in the community are not so sure, wondering what kind of control Oracle will seek to exert over the platform.

  • Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems

    Following the collapse of talks with IBM earlier this month Oracle has stepped in to acquire Sun Microsystems for $7.4bn or $9.50 a share in an all cash transaction. 

  • IBM-Sun Takeover Talks Collapse

    IBM's talks to acquire Sun Microsystems have broken down according to media reports.

  • Sun Cloud API: Is Simplicity Enough?

    Sun Cloud API is very simple easing the access to cloud’s resources, but some wonder if it provides enough flexibility for present cloud usage scenarios.

  • Sun Pledges to Appear Behind Every Cloud

    Sun enters the cloud market with Sun Open Cloud Platform and will provide virtual machine images for all its open source software. The main technologies powering Sun’s cloud are: Java, MySQL, OpenSolaris and Open Storage.

  • Sun's Future and Cloud Computing

    Sun's recent layoffs (which are said to be affecting people working on OpenJDK, the JCP, J2SE, and desktop Java), and also Sun's recent acquisition of cloud infrastructure vendor Q-Layer, keeps alive the question of how Sun will redefine its strategic direction and choose which of its many technology possibilities it will focus upon.

  • Sun Blogs System Architecture Whitepaper

    Sun has released a whitepaper that describes the architecture used to host the Sun Blogs web application including a description of the hardware, the configuration of the server software, as well as a number of usage metrics.

  • JavaFX and Adobe Flex Insider Shares Thoughts

    Chet Haase of Adobe Systems, who previously worked at Sun on the JavaFX team, shared his comparisons of JavaFX and Adobe Flex on the Yahoo FlexCoder group.

  • Sun Gets Serious About Python

    Two announcements from Sun on their plans for supporting Python.

  • The Sun Deflextions Continue

    In what is becoming an ever more popular move for those working on Java client technologies, Hans Muller, the now former CTO for Sun's Desktop division, made the move from Sun Microsystems to Adobe’s Flex team this week.

  • Extended Java SE 1.4 Support through Java SE for Business

    Sun has recently announced the availability of Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) for Business - a new product subscription aimed at extending Sun's support for Java SE releases, provide faster updates to technology updates and offer enterprise deployment features for its customers.