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  • Gallio and MbUnit 3.06 Released

    The popular .NET automation and test framework, Gallio and MbUnit have a new release available. This release includes many new features and performance enhancements, including parallelizable tests, one-click test debugging, and ReSharper 4.5 support.

  • DbFit 1.0 With Enhanced Querying Capabilities and User Docs

    Gojko Adzic has recently announced the version 1.0 release of DbFit, his popular FIT/FitNesse extension used for practicing TDD on database code.

  • Microsoft and Agile - Divergent Agendas?

    Martin Fowler has questioned Microsoft's grip on leading-edge developers. MS has threatened one developer with legal action over his TestDriven.Net extension for VisualStudio Express, and MS development of an incompatible rival to NUnit has alienated many developers. Is there a widening divide between MS and the Agile community, as each pursues different a vision? Now's the time to speak up.

  • The Story of TestDriven.NET and Visual Studio Express

    When we first reported on Jamie Cansdale's TestDriven.NET, it sounded like the classic big company bullies the little one. But as the full story was been revealed, sentiment has begun to swing from die-hard support for Jamie Cansdale to a call to boycott TestDriven.NET . InfoQ looks back at how this unfortunate incident came to pass.

  • TestDriven.Net Once Again Supports VS Express Editions

    TestDriven.Net has restored and enhanced support for the Visual Studio Express Editions in the 2.5 beta despite tensions between Jamie Cansdale and Microsoft over license concerns.

  • TestDriven.NET 2.0 released

    TestDriven.NET 2.0 was released last week. TestDriven.NET 2.0 supports the TDD framework and supports all version of Visual Studio .NET. TestDriven.NET is a Visual Studio plug-in providing support for Nunit, MBUnit, and Visual Studio Team System.

  • TestDriven.NET Releases Professional and Enterprise Editions

    The previously-free automated unit testing add-in for Visual Studio .NET, TestDriven.NET, now charges licensing fees for its use beyond the Personal edition. Note that the Personal edition is fully-featured and does not expire.