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InfoQ Homepage News DbFit 1.0 With Enhanced Querying Capabilities and User Docs

DbFit 1.0 With Enhanced Querying Capabilities and User Docs

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Gojko Adzic has recently announced the version 1.0 release of DbFit, his popular FIT/FitNesse extension used for practicing TDD on database code.  Gojko summarizes what's new and fresh with DbFit 1.0 as follows:
Major updates
  1. Support for in/out parameters in stored procedures.
  2. Support for querying stored results
  3. Support for SQL Server 2000 in .NET. Not as complete as Sql Server 2005, but should work in most cases.
  4. Support for testing blank-padded fixed length CHAR types.
  5. .NET version now compiled with FitNesse.NET 1.5
  6. Proper documentation — finally. The documentation is available as PDF and FitNesse (included in the dbfit-complete package) and also online at FitNesse.Info.
Minor updates
  1. Oracle date used as Timestamp to allow V8 compatibility switch to work
  2. Stored procedure params no longer have to be listed in the same order as in db
  3. GUID handler now just redirecting to standard GUID handler in .NET
  4. OrderedQuery and StoreParameter fixtures for standalone mode
  5. bugfix for transactions not getting rolled back in Java after tests in flow mode
  6. bugfix for ntext and text field sizes in sql server
  7. bugfix for fail[null] NullPointerException in Java
  8. workaround for fail[null] bug in 1.5
  9. Acceptance tests now reorganised better.
Not long ago, Gojko had written in an article about what drove him to create DbFit, in which he comes to the following conclusion:
  • Agile practices make as much sense for the database as for anything else, they are just (a bit) harder to implement
  • To change the way people work, you need to get them enthusiastic, not compliant.
  • In order to get developers enthusiastic, focus on reducing dull work
  • DbFit solves two major problems with TDD of DB code: object-relational mismatch and DB specialists not being to write tests efficiently.
Check out the fully re-engineered documentation for more information on what DbFit is all about and how to make the most of the tool to help unit test your database code.

See Scott Ambler's popular Agile Data series for more expert advice on agile and tdd at the database layer, and also InfoQ's agile community for the very freshest on agile tools, techniques, debates, and ideas.

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