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  • Test Well and Prosper: The Great Java Unit-Testing Frameworks Debate

    A recent post in Reddit sparked a debate between the traditional testing framework JUnit and upstart Spock with the central theme, “What’s wrong with JUnit?”

  • XebiaLabs TestView Integrates Multiple Testing Tools

    XebiaLabs TestView is a test management and analytics tool, integrating the execution, data analysis and visualization of multiple functional and unit testing tools.

  • TestNG 6 adds Guice and YAML

    Cedric Beust has announced TestNG 6.0, with Guice and YAML support and including improvements to the Eclipse TestNG plug-in.

  • JUnit Still Not Dead

    JUnit has recently released version 4.5 of the infamous Java testing framework, but is it enough to keep the project in the spotlight? Read more to find what's being talked about regarding the future of JUnit.

  • Interview: Cédric Beust Discusses Designing for Testability

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2007, Cédric Beust discusses designing and architecting for testability, problems that hinder testability, test-driven development, the "Next Generation Testing" book, performance testing recipes, and testing small, medium and large codebases.

  • Presentation: Designing for Testability

    In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, Cedric Beust and Alexandru Popescu discuss interesting features of TestNG such as grouping of tests, data providers for tests and dependency handling in tests, tips for designing easily testable code such as eliminating statics, extreme encapsulation and TDD, the importance of functional versus unit testing, and migrating from JUnit to TestNG.

  • Interview and Book Excerpt: Hani Suleiman & Cedric Beust on TestNG recently sat down with Hani Suleiman and Cédric Beust the authors of Next Generation Java Testing: TestNG and Advanced Concepts to discuss the book and their thoughts about testing in general. InfoQ is also pleased to offer an excerpt from chapter 2 of the book, "Mocks and Stubs".

  • Continuous Integration and Code Inspection with Hudson and FindBugs

    A recent article published in IBM developerWorks talks about automating Continuous Integration and Code Inspection tasks in a build process using open source tools. It explains how to install and configure Hudson server with Subversion, Ant, and software inspection tools like FindBugs and PMD to create a build process with continuous feedback on test results and defects.

  • Book Excerpt: How to Improve your Continuous Testing

    Continuous Integration has become a standard development best practice - but it's not always done well. Tests take up much of an application's build time, and poorly constructed test suites can cause long builds, whereupon teams start to circumvent agreed-upon CI practices just get the time to code. InfoQ presents advice and examples in Chapter 6: Continuous Testing from a new CI book.

  • Annotation Transformers in TestNG: The Sweet Spot for Annotations?

    In the ongoing search to find the balance between XML and annotations, TestNG has introduced the concept of annotation transformers. An annotation transformer is code that will override the behavior of existing annotations. This allows you to modify your annotation without using XML and without recompiling your source. You will have to recompile your annotation transformers if you change them.

  • TestNG concluded more suitable for large-scale testing than JUnit 4

    Andrew Glover has compared TestNG and JUnit 4, taking a look at some features that TestNG has over JUnit 4. Andrew quickly takes the position that TestNG is better for large scale testing, despite JUnit 4's recent addition of annotations and "dramatically relaxed structural rules for test case authoring."

  • Interview: Patrick Lightbody on Project Able - A Complete Java Web Stack

    WebWork committer, Patrick Lightbody, has announced Project Able: a complete Java web stack. InfoQ sat down with Patrick to discuss the philosophy behind Project Able.

  • TestNG 5.0 Released

    Cedric Beust has announced the launch of TestNG, the popular Testing framework and alternative to JUnit. Alexandru Popescu (TestNG co-founder) is also InfoQ's Chief Architect. TestNG 5 improves configuration, reporting, ease of use, and bug reporting.