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  • Accessing Agile Games as a Tool in Transformation and Change

    This article puts the usage of Agile Games into a broader business context and introduces the steps needed to make any game a verifiable contribution to a given business objective. As “business” is a wide area of topics to be addressed, the article focuses on accessing Agile Games as a tool used within transformation and change. It provides an example that was taken from this area.

  • Moldable Development: Guiding Technical Decisions without Reading Code

    Developers spend most of their time reading code. Moldable Development challenges reading as a means to gather information from the system, by creating custom tools that show the problem in a way that makes it comfortable to understand. The solution typically follows quickly afterward. Glamorous Toolkit is a moldable development environment designed to decrease the cost of custom tools.

  • Scaling and Growing Developer Experience at Netflix

    An optimal Developer Experience will depend a lot on the company the developer is working for. This article discusses why and when changes to developer needs will occur, how to get ahead of them, and how to adapt when these changes are necessary. I talk through some of the experiences myself and peers have had at Netflix, identifying some key learnings and examples we have gained over the years.

  • Building Effective Developer Tools to Enable an Entire Organization to Move Faster

    Building effective tooling can help bring down the time to delivery and increase the number of changes delivered safely. This article demonstrates the tools that Monzo has built to enable developers, and how these tools are being used within the engineering function to deploy hundreds of times per day and beyond the engineering function to run a bank at scale.

  • How the Financial Times Approaches Engineering Enablement

    Companies need teams working on infrastructure, tooling and platforms; the way they work has to change so that they do not become a bottleneck. These teams need to be about enabling product teams to deliver business value. Investment in this area pays off as it speeds up many other teams and allows product-team engineers to focus on solving business problems that provide value to the organisation.

  • The Major Software Industry Trends from 2021 and What to Watch in 2022

    In this podcast summary Thomas Betts, Wes Reisz, Shane Hastie, Charles Humble, Srini Penchikala, and Daniel Bryant discuss what they have seen in 2021 and speculate a little on what they hope to see in 2022. Topics explored included: hybrid working and the importance of ethics and sustainability within technology.

  • Solutions for Testing Blockchain: Private Blockchains, Permutations, and Shifting Left

    Blockchain is an emerging software architecture that has the potential to be a big disruptor in the industry. With change however, comes the added risk of quality issues. As developers and test engineers, we need to be prepared for those changes to better adapt to the new technology and allow for the continued development of software and products through it, without compromising on quality.

  • Paving the Road to Production

    Coinbase has gotten much from its deploy pipelines. We deploy thousands of servers across hundreds of projects per day, to serve our millions of customers and their billions in assets. This article explores the journey Coinbase took to get where it is now, it describes their paved roads and how they've had to change over time in response to their company growing.

  • Building Your Own Agile Team Maturity Assessment

    An agile maturity assessment can help teams come to a common understanding of what agile maturity looks like and what steps they can take to get there. In this article, we are going to dive into the value of assessing things, with concrete examples you can use, and will help you learn how to build an assessment for your teams and/or organization that is fit-for-purpose.

  • Validation of Autonomous Systems

    This article introduces validation and certification as well as the general approval of autonomous systems and their components, such as those used in automation technology and robotics. It gives an overview of methods for verification and validation of autonomous systems, sketches current tools and show the evolution towards AI-based techniques for influence analysis of continuous changes.

  • Enhance Your Testing Strategy with Mind Map-Driven Testing

    Mind map-driven testing can enable testers to focus on test idea generation, it exposes you to your thinking and enables you to brainstorm and organize your ideas effectively. This article shares ideas and knowledge about mind maps and shows how they can be used as lean documents to plan, organize, record, present, and report on testing.

  • Quick and Seamless Release Management for Java Projects with JReleaser

    Andres Almiray's quest to learn Go led him to discover GoReleaser and its multiple benefits to managing Go projects. Inspired by a conversation with Max Andersen about the manner in which JBang manages releases on multiple platforms, Almiray embarked on a journey to build a flexible release tool for the Java ecosystem. InfoQ spoke to Almiray for a detailed view of JReleaser.