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  • Date and Time Formatting in Java 9 Will Get Closer to Unicode Locale Standards

    Several parsing and formatting changes have been incorporated to bring the functionality closer to Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML). These changes have been supervised by Stephen Colebourne, creator of the popular library JodaTime, precursor of the new java.time component in Java 8. Abiding by the Unicode standard will provide better interoperability with other non-Java systems.

  • Unicode 6.0.0 Standard Published

    The week before last, the Unicode Consortium which manages standards for Unicode and Locale published the 6.0 version of Unicode to their site. These standards represent the common set of symbols and locales software vendors use to internationalize their solutions. This release represents the first time the full specification has been published online in its entirety.

  • Ruby 1.9 Roundup: State Of i18n and Unicode, Feature Freeze for 1.9.1, Gems 1.3

    Work on Ruby 1.9.1, the first stable release of Ruby 1.9.x, has just passed its feature freeze milestone, the 1.9.0-5 release is just around the corner. Ruby Gems 1.3 was released and added to 1.9.x, and a few changes were added to better support Unicode with Ruby.

  • Ruby on Rails 1.2 deepens support to REST and Unicode

    Tapping into advanced features of the HTTP protocol, the Rails team enhances the flexibilty and interoperability of derived apps, while providing guidance to optimal use of controllers. Combine this with proper UTF-8 support and a growing team of contributors, and Ruby on Rails is ready for 2007 and beyond.

  • Multibyte for Rails: A Unicode Solution for Rails?

    The issue of proper Unicode support for Ruby on Rails continues to generate lots of discussion and development activity. The Multibyte for Rails project seems to be making progress in driving a unified solution to the problem.

  • Six Ruby Presentations (with slides) from European Ruby Meeting Now Online

    The audio and slides of six presentations made at a recent Ruby on Rails meeting, hosted by Greenpeace in Amsterdam, have just been made available. Topics include integration with legacy Java apps, CMS development, and Unicode.

  • The Unicode Debate Rekindled

    The perennial debate about how best to support multibyte Unicode in Ruby is heating up again, and thanks to the progress of Rails and JRuby, this time there is more at stake...