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Cross-platform Delphi is Back

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 27, 2008

Using Visual Studio Shell as a starting point and Mono as a runtime, Embarcadero Technologies has introduced a new version of Delphi for .NET called Delphi Prism. This project is being target towards cross-platform developers who want to bring the .NET ecosystem with them to OS X.

Add-on Studio for World of Warcraft Based on VS Shell

by Jonathan Allen on  Dec 21, 2007

The IDE "Add-on Studio for World of Warcraft" was developed in roughly two weeks by two developers using VS Shell as a base. It features Intellisense, tool panes, and a graphical design surface.

Language Designers: Add WPF Support to Your .NET Language

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 28, 2007

A new version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SDK preview has been released. Among the new samples is a way to add WPF support to a .NET language.

Microsoft Takes On Eclipse with Visual Studio 2008 Shell

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 07, 2007 1

For a number of years Visual Studio has supported non-Microsoft languages as plug-ins. However, the high cost of Visual Studio itself prevented it from being a platform for 3rd party language developers. This has changed with the announcement of Visual Studio 2008 Shell.