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  • How to Integrate Infosec and DevOps Using Chaos Engineering

    Kelly Shortridge from Capsule8 talked at the Velocity conference in Berlin about how using chaos engineering can help to integrate Infosec within a DevOps culture. Shortridge discussed how distributed, immutable, and ephemeral infrastructure, or the D.I.E. model, is an organizationally friendly way to building security by design. With this model, users can continuously raise the cost of the attack

  • Patrick Debois Shares His Experiences On Mobile Continuous Delivery

    Patrick Debois, leading light of the DevOps movement, has been working on the "mobile continuous delivery" space for the past year and recently shared what he has been learning at the Velocity conference. His talk mentioned dozens of tools, scripts, and applications that cover the full mobile software development lifecycle. InfoQ took the opportunity to talk to Debois on the subject.

  • Measuring the Performance of Single Page Web Applications

    Measuring the performance of single page applications (SPAs) presents some unique challenges. Philip Tellis, author of the boomerang library and Chief Architect at SOASTA, and Nicholas Jansma, senior engineer at SOASTA, deep-dived into the subject at the Velocity conference in Amsterdam, providing context and specific advice on how to measure performance for that kind of web applications.