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  • Visual Studio 2017 15.9 Debuts

    As Microsoft looks ahead to VS2019, the company hasn't forgotten VS2017. The ninth update brings a bevy of bug fixes and adds a new features and language conformance for C++ developers. Some tweaks for .NET Core SDK behavior have been to simplify versioning.

  • ARM64 for UWP Debuts in Visual Studio 2017 15.9 Preview 3

    Microsoft continues work on upcoming 15.9 update to Visual Studio 2017. In the third preview of 15.9, Microsoft announced support for UWP apps on the ARM64 platform and expanded functionality for TypeScript developers. As has been the familiar occurrence, a large of number of fixes are also included.

  • Visual Studio 2017 15.9 Previews Expanded C++ Debugging

    Microsoft has released the second preview of Visual Studio 2017 15.9; this release highlights improvements to C++ debugging and additional features benefiting Universal Windows Application (UWP) developers.

  • What’s inside Visual Studio 2017 15.8

    Visual Studio 2017 15.8 is now available, bringing a large collection of bug fixes and usability enhancements to the editor. Notably, this includes support for F# 4.5 and TypeScript 3.0.

  • F# 4.5 Brings Spans, Match!, and More

    Now available as a preview, F# 4.5 introduces a number of new features, including support for .NET Core 2.1 new primitive type Span<T>, a new Match! keyword, and more.

  • Visual Studio 15.8 Preview 3 Adds Multi-Caret Editing

    Preview 3 of VS2017 15.8 brings a long-requested feature: multi-caret editing to the IDE, as well as new options for keyboard bindings that should help developers who are familiar with other popular editors. The editing experience in the IDE should also be improved for JavaScript and TypeScript developers.

  • VS2017 15.8 Preview 2 Improves CPU Profiling, F# Support

    Microsoft's second preview of Visual Studio 2017 15.8 debuts enhancements to the CPU Profiler in the Debugging tools. Several important changes were made in its support for F#-- including faster IntelliSense and several bug fixes.

  • Build 2018: .NET Overview & Roadmap

    At Microsoft Build 2018, Scott Hunter, director program management, .NET and Scott Hanselman, director community, .NET gave a session on the future of .NET. The thrust of the presentation was that .NET can be the platform for building any kind of application: desktop, web, cloud, mobile, gaming, IoT or AI. Your existing language skills are not wasted and can be used in new areas.

  • Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Brings Full C++17 Compliance

    Microsoft has released a seventh update to Visual Studio 2017. Notable additions in this release include full C++17 compliance, an improved installer, and general quality of life changes that should benefit most developers.

  • Visual Studio 15.7 Preview 4 Improves Git, C++ Support

    Microsoft has delivered a couple of new previews for the forthcoming Visual Studio 2017 15.7, and based on the limited size of the changes it would seem that we are nearing its formal release. As usual, the changes cover a wide range of territory- so developers should see some benefits regardless of what languages they use.

  • Visual Studio 2017 Debuts 15.7 Preview

    Microsoft continues to iterate on the development of VS2017 and has recently released its preview of 15.7. This preview debuts support for TypeScript 2.8, NuGet package signatures, and adds Step-back debugging to .NET Core projects.

  • Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Released

    Microsoft has released their 6th update to Visual Studio 2017. Following the pattern of previous releases, it contains several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements across the IDE.

  • Visual Studio 15.6 Preview 4 Sharpens F# Functionality

    Microsoft continues to make evolutionary changes in Visual Studio 15.6. The 4th preview of the IDE has been released, and with it comes a primary focus on improving F# support.

  • Latest Advances in Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Preview

    Microsoft's latest preview of Visual Studio 2017, version 15.6, adds several new features for code diagnostics, debugging and source control. Foremost among these is greatly expanded support tags when using Git source control.

  • 5th Update to Visual Studio 2017 Expands Debugging Tools

    The fifth update to Visual Studio 2017 has reached general availability and brings another batch of improvements to Microsoft's popular developer tool. Version 15.5 focuses on improvements to the debugger tools, faster C#/VB solution loading times, and expanded C++17 support.