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  • Microsoft Open-Sources the UEFI Core Used by Surface Devices and Hyper-V

    Project Mu aims to make it easier for developers to quickly create and frequently update the firmware of their devices, enabling Project Mu devices to adopt a Firmware as a Service (FaaS) evolution model. Project Mu contains the same code leveraged in several of products, including the Microsoft Surface and Hyper-V, Microsoft says.

  • Microsoft Patches Active Internet Explorer Zero Day Exploit

    Microsoft has issued an out-of-band update for a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) scripting engine that could lead to remote code execution. The vulnerability is actively exploited in the wild, according to Tenable research engineer Satnam Narang, and users should update their systems as soon as possible.

  • Microsoft Driver Module Framework Aims to Ease Windows Driver Development

    Windows driver developers should now have an easier way to create simple and structured drivers, as well as to share code amongst drivers, using the new Microsoft Driver Module Framework (DMF), which has been recently open sourced.

  • Popular Microsoft Apps Unfriend Facebook

    Facebook has made changes to their Graph API which Microsoft says has forced it to drop Facebook support from several Microsoft applications. This means popular apps like Windows Photos and OneDrive will no longer exchange data with Facebook.

  • Microsoft Envisions One OS Running on Mobile Devices and Sensors

    During a UBS Global Technology Conference held last week, Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green, EVP Devices and Studios, discussed her company’s approach to today’s software market, providing insights especially into the mobile device operating systems space. We selected the most interesting fragments from the session’s transcript (HTML, DOCX).

  • Windows/Windows Phone Takes a Step Towards Unification

    Microsoft has taken the first step towards unifying the Windows 8 and Windows Phone stores. Developers no longer have to register for each platform separately. Those already registered for both will be receiving a free renewal for one year in compensation.

  • XAML Spy is Now Free

    First Floor Software, makers of XAML Spy, is now offering a free version of their flagship product. Known as XAML Spy Express, this product allows developers to browse the visual tree of a running WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, or Windows Store application.

  • Search Based Apps Broken in Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 has hidden the integrated search contract that many applications rely on. In its place users will instead see Bing search results and advertisements.

  • Winds of Change: SkyDrive Gets Text Editor, New Name

    Microsoft's SkyDrive is not just getting a new name, but it also is getting enhanced offline browsing abilities as well as a new lightweight text editing component.

  • Private App Stores for Windows Phone and WinRT

    Private distribution of applications is possible for both WinRT and Windows Phone 8, but the experience is very different for the two platforms. Mobile devices cost 300 USD per year per company, while WinRT costs 3,000 for the first 100 computers or fraction thereof.

  • Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 2

    The information in part 2 of Threading in the Windows Runtime deals with the internals of the threading model. This section, originally presented by Marytn Lovell at Build 2013, is intended to be trivia or possible useful in debugging, but not necessary for day to day development. For more practical information, please refer to part one of InfoQ’s key points summary.

  • Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 1

    During the Build 2013 conference Marytn Lovell revealed some of the inner workings of the WinRT threading model. While .NET developers may be surprised at its complexity, especially when multiple windows are involved, traditional COM developers are going to be relieved to learn that it is much simpler than what they are used to.

  • Build 2013 Keynote Day 1 Highlights

    Microsoft began day 1 of Build 2013 with their familiar booming electronic fanfare. InfoQ is covering the conference live and has first impressions of the keynote's highlights. Some interesting new features for Windows 8.1, VS2013, and Bing are covered.

  • WinRT 8.1, Ready for Line-of-Business

    Windows 8.1 brings with it a lot of much needed functionality to WinRT (i.e. Windows Store) apps that make is a viable platform for line of business and point of sale applications. These include multiple-window support, USB/Bluetooth integration, and a HTTP stack that is unified with Internet Explorer’s shared cache.

  • API Diff Lists for .NET, Silverlight, and Windows Phone

    First Floor Software has just released an updated version of their Diff Lists for .NET, Silverlight, and Windows Phone. These updated lists make it easy to see what classes and method are available when moving code from one platform to another.