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  • Xen Hypervisor 4.10 Focuses on Security and Better ARM Support

    The Xen Project released version 4.10 of their hypervisor with an improved architecture for x86, better support for ARM processor hardware updates, and changes to schedulers and the user interface.

  • VENOM Vulnerability Threatens Several Major VM Hosts

    Users of the popular virtual machine tools Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, and QEMU are urged to patch their systems as soon as possible due to a newly found bug that exposes flaws in the code providing virtual floppy disk support. The VENOM vulnerability affects all operating systems that are hosting these environments.

  • Xen Bug Forces Amazon and Rackspace to Reboot Their Services

    Last week Amazon Web Services and Rackspace notified customers that their servers would be rebooted as a part of Xen hypervisor patching. This is the second time that AWS has scheduled reboots as a part of its cloud infrastructure maintenance, and AWS published guidance for building applications resilient to reboots and restarts.

  • Xen Project Releases 1.0 of Mirage OS

    Mirage OS is a ‘cloud operating system’ that seeks to avoid security vulnerabilities and bloat by facilitating the creation of single purpose virtual appliances. Applications are developed in the OCaml functional programming language and compiled into standalone ‘unikernels’ that run directly on the Xen hypervisor.

  • Private Cloud Roundup

    Private clouds continue to grow in popularity and offer a number of appealing benefits to an organization including higher utilization of existing server resources, improved manageability, pay as you go, and self-service. This roundup provides a high-level view of some of the key ingredients for creating a private cloud solution.

  • Citrix Offers a Bare-Metal Desktop/Laptop Hypervisor

    Citrix has released XenClient, a Type 1 hypervisor built on Intel vPro technologies, targeted at corporate desktops/laptops with administration capabilities.

  • Citrix Changes the Virtualization Market by Giving XenServer for Free

    After buying XenSource 18 months ago for half a billion USD, Citrix offers their last version of the XenServer “free of charge to any user for unlimited production deployment”. This move will certainly have a significant impact on the virtualization market in the cloud computing era that has begun.

  • Article: More Than Just Spin (Up) - Virtualization for the Enterprise and SaaS

    A new InfoQ case study takes a look at how the benefits of virtualization can be harnessed inside enterprise data centers to increase reliability, ease maintenance, and enable Saas deployments.