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  • How Outsourcing Practices Are Changing in 2020: An Industry Insight

    The IT outsourcing industry is very volatile and each year we see new trends reshaping the sector. In 2020, we see some outsourcing practices coming up and others getting stronger. At the same time, we also see some of the prominent outsourcing practices becoming obsolete. This article looks at how the outsourcing industry is changing and getting prepared to embrace the change.

  • Q&A on the Book Becoming an Effective Software Engineering Manager

    The book Becoming an Effective Software Engineering Manager by James Stanier explores how to manage engineers and what managers can do to build and run effective teams. It helps people decide if they want to go from an engineering to a manager role and organize and improve their management activities.

  • Silos, Politics and Delivering Software Products

    Technical teams tend to be unprepared for politics. This leads to political problems being either accepted as tragically inevitable or written off as due to the incompetence of others. Politics in business emerges when direction is not set with sufficient clarity. Better understanding the causes of politics helps understand how best to either resolve or navigate politics in software projects.

  • Q&A on the Book Leading Lean

    Leading Lean by Jean Dahl describes a journey that leaders can embark on to respond to disruptive change. It leads them through the six dimensions of leading self, others, the customer, and the enterprise, by creating an innovative culture that delivers value. It provides not just the theory behind Modern Lean, but also practical methods, tools, strategies, and case studies.

  • Building a Scale-Ready MVP

    In these times of turmoil, information technology is a strategic asset to weather the difficult times ahead. Companies launch projects to build digital products and seize new opportunities, but even with strong pressure to release as fast as possible, beware of the pitfalls of an unsustainable MVP. Building an MVP that is scale-ready takes careful consideration and disciplined practices.

  • Q&A on the Book Leveraging Digital Transformation

    The book Leveraging Digital Transformation - Proven Leadership and Innovation Strategies to Engage and Grow Your Organization by M. Nadia Vincent is a guide for implementing digital transformations. It explores how to lead a digital transformation, how to engage people into the transformation, and what can be done to enable digitalization and innovation.

  • Working Together in the Same Direction with Obeya

    Obeya1 is a proven approach that facilitates teamwork and the alignment of activities around seven panels to deliver IT or manufacturing products. It accelerates the regular resolution of good problems by breaking down barriers between teams and it also benefits from the support of the management. The purpose of this article describes the first Obeya panel: vision

  • Q&A on the Book Learning to Scale

    The book Learning to Scale by Régis Medina explores how to apply lean as an education system to scale companies and help people think about their work and learn together to create value. It provides an enterprise model built on how people learn and grow based on the idea that when people understand what they do and why they do it, they become better in what they do and the company moves faster.

  • Well-Being with Dr O'Sullivan, Part 3: Tech-Ing Care of Your Community

    Dr Michelle O’Sullivan, clinical psychologist, provides advice on interacting with your fellow workers, friends and family to provide support to their mental well-being in difficult times. She discusses connecting and listening skills, which are key to being an effective team member in any environment. Practical researched tips to help you think about yourself and others.

  • Q&A on the Book Leading Quality

    The book Leading Quality by Ronald Cummings-John and Owais Peer explores how to become a leader of quality, master strategic quality decisions, and lead engineering/QA teams to accelerate company growth. The book is intended for people who lead quality inside their companies, like C-suite executives.

  • Well-Being with Dr O'Sullivan, Part 2: Tech-Ing Care of Your Own Mental Health

    Dr Michelle O’Sullivan, clinical psychologist, provides mental wellbeing advice for technology people, particularly in these difficult pandemic conditions where remote work is the norm. Practical researched tips to help you stay performing to your best.

  • A Framework for Emergent Strategy

    Many business leaders are not skilled or experienced strategists, but those skills are more crucial than ever. Strategic patterns can speed the creation of new strategies, and give novice strategists the benefit of knowledge they haven’t had time to build on their own. Jamie Dobson of Container Solutions shows how strategic patterns can give you the planning tools you need now.


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