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Context-Driven Agile Leadership: Managing Complexity and Uncertainty

Posted by Todd Little  on  Feb 11, 2008 Posted by Todd Little Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 11, 2008

When we start a project, can methodology be mandated, or is it arbitrary? At Agile2006 Todd Little shared a model to help leaders choose, and emphasised project 'steering' for success.


Leading From A Position Of No Power: A Customer’s Perspective of an Agile Team

Posted by Alexia Bowers  on  Oct 30, 2007 Posted by Alexia Bowers Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 30, 2007

Last year Agile coach Alexia Bowers walked a mile in a project customer's shoes, and told us at Agile2006 how it felt. She stressed the need to strive for creativity instead of cutting scope.


Homer's Odyssey or My Life as an Agile Consultant

Posted by Jean Tabaka  on  Sep 17, 2007 Posted by Jean Tabaka Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 17, 2007

Agile2006 Jean Tabaka likened Agile implementation hurdles to those detailed in Homer's classic. Find out who's who: Cyclops, the Sirens, Poseidon, Circe, Cicones, the Lotus-Eaters, Argus...


Reflecting Forward – A Guided Agile Transition

Posted by Tor Stenstad  on  Aug 28, 2007 3 Posted by Tor Stenstad Follow 0 Followers , David Hussman Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 28, 2007 3

Reflections on a Fortune 500 company's transition from RUP to Agile, to achieve faster time to market. At Agile2006 Hussman & Stenstad discussed keeping change respectful and shared lessons learned.


Agile Styles: Lean and DSDM

Posted by Jean Tabaka  on  Jul 12, 2007 Posted by Jean Tabaka Follow 0 Followers , Mary Poppendieck Follow 1 Followers  on  Jul 12, 2007

The video reveals some of the groundwork that brought us to today's acceptance of Agile, and presents the basics of two well-known approaches to Agile software delivery: DSDM & Lean.


An Introduction to Agile Leadership

Posted by Tim Lister  on  Jun 28, 2007 1 Posted by Tim Lister Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 28, 2007 1

Tim Lister explains the principles of Agile Project Leadership in the framework of the Declaration of Interdependence.


Agile Styles: Feature Driven Development and the Crystal Methodologies

Posted by David Anderson  on  May 16, 2007 Posted by David Anderson Follow 3 Followers , Alistair Cockburn Follow 2 Followers  on  May 16, 2007

The "Agile Styles" presentation at Agile2006 introduced four popular approaches. In this half of the video Alistair Cockburn talks about his Crystal Methodologies and David J. Anderson presents FDD.


Database Refactoring

Posted by Scott Ambler  on  Mar 10, 2007 1 Posted by Scott Ambler Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 10, 2007 1

Scott Ambler teaches teams how to integrate database roles into their iterative, incremental rhythm to increase software success. InfoQ captured Ambler's talk on Database Refactoring at Agile2006.

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The Principles of Agile Design

Posted by Robert Martin  on  Jan 30, 2007 9 Posted by Robert Martin Follow 8 Followers  on  Jan 30, 2007 9

Bob Martin presents the first of his five principles of object-oriented design, which aim to address a fundamental problem - the management of dependencies between classes.

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Agile Quality: A Canary in a Coal Mine 01:09:14

Posted by Ken Schwaber  on  Nov 13, 2006 4 Posted by Ken Schwaber Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 13, 2006 4

Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber spoke at Agile2006 on code quality as a corporate asset. In this video Schwaber discussed how a degrading codebase paralyses teams and increases corporate risk.