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Context-Driven Agile Leadership: Managing Complexity and Uncertainty



Of course, "anything more than 'barely sufficient' process is waste," but what does that mean for your team, or my next project? In this 60 minute presentation from the APLN Leadership Summit at Agile2006, Todd Little shared a model to help choose the right "flavour" of Agile for different kinds of projects, and discussed the importance of 'steering' throughout the project's duration.


Todd Little ( is Senior Development Manager for Landmark Graphics, with 25 years' software experience in quality, engineering, consulting, project management and general management. Todd is a member of the Agile Alliance board, IEEE, Society of Petroleum Engineers and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

About the conference

The Agile Alliance organizes the Agile series conference, which bring together all the key people in the Agile space to talk about techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research and experience, and the management and development sides of agile software development.

Recorded at:

Feb 11, 2008