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Zero Defects : Baking Quality into the Agile Process by Ahmed Syed Posted on Mar 06, 2012 Ahmed Syed explains how to use testing and defect management in an Agile project to ensure product quality, addressing design quality, legacy systems, and how build management affects quality.

Writing Usable APIs in Practice by Giovanni Asproni Posted on Feb 24, 2012 Giovanni Asproni presents techniques for writing usable APIs: using user's perspective, naming, the caller should have the control, explicit context, error reporting, logging, organizing.

Collaboration: At the Extremities of Extreme by Jason Ayers Posted on Feb 09, 2012 Jason Ayers share the observations he made watching a team of developers collaborating in real time on the same code base, pushing XP, pair programming and continuous integration to their extremes.

How to Change the World by Jurgen Appelo Posted on Jan 26, 2012 Jurgen Appelo discusses introducing change inside organizations by viewing them as adaptive systems and social networks and using the Change Management 3.0 model.

TDD as if You Meant It by Keith Braithwaite Posted on Jan 13, 2012 Keith Braithwaite conducts a tutorial class on TDD based on the following technique: Add a test, See it fail, Make all tests pass, Refactor, and Repeat until done. 5

Keynote: Predictability and Measurement with Kanban by David Anderson Posted on Dec 29, 2011 David J. Anderson explains how to use predictability, measurement and change management to balance the factors of observed capability, staffing, and delivery targets to achieve predictable outcomes. 2

Brownfield to Green by Nat Pryce Posted on Dec 16, 2011 Nat Pryce presents the reengineering effort made to transform a legacy system through incremental improvement, the development process implemented, the results and some takeaway lessons learned.