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  • ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate

    Microsoft has published RC1 of ASP.NET MVC 1.0. It is expected to be the last public release before the final 1.0 release planned for February. MVC 1.0 RC1 makes significant Visual Studio tooling improvements, includes new run-time enhancements, and fixes numerous bug from the beta.

  • Interview: Dave Laribee and ALT.NET

    Greg Young grabbed some of Dave Laribee's time at the last ALT.NET conference in Seattle. Dave opens up about the intent of ALT.NET and how the community can get involved.

  • Learn NHibernate with The Summer of NHibernate

    NHibernate has grown in popularity lately with more wide-spread use because of ALT.NET and competing technologies such as the Microsoft Entity Framework. A new screen cast series called The Summer of NHibernate has been created to expose more developers to this technology.

  • Introducing the ALT.NET Podcast

    InfoQ learned about a new podcast recently called the ALT.NET Podcast. This podcast focusing on the community of developers brought together who represent what is ALT.NET. Folks should remember the ALT.NET term coined by David Laribee.

  • Martin Fowler: ALT.NET important to the viable future of the Microsoft ecosystem

    ALT.NET is a new, developer-organized community started by several influencers including David Laribee, Scott Bellware, Roy Osherove and others. What differentiates this community from the many user groups already in existence is its focus on pragmatic values rather than technology. Martin Fowler commented that "this kind of community is important to the viable future of the Microsoft ecosystem."

  • Scott Guthrie Announces ASP.NET MVC Framework at the ALT.NET Conference

    The ALT.NET conference, held October 5-7, 2007, provided an announcement and demonstration by Scott Guthrie about the rumored MVC Framework for ASP.NET from Scott Guthrie.