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InfoQ Homepage News Scott Guthrie Announces ASP.NET MVC Framework at the ALT.NET Conference

Scott Guthrie Announces ASP.NET MVC Framework at the ALT.NET Conference

The ALT.NET conference, October 5-7, 2007, held an announcement from Microsoft about the rumored MVC Framework for ASP.NET, which InfoQ originally reported back in March 2007.

The announcement was posted on a blog post by Jeffrey Palermo and describes the essential pieces of the framework which Microsoft will provide sometime after Visual Studio 2008 ships.

The implementation of the MVC Framework on ASP.NET is fashioned much the same way as Ruby on Rails and provides the usual pieces found in an MVC Framework.  Scott explains the MVC framework will provide:

  • Natively support Test Driven Development (TDD) model for controllers.
  • Provide ASPX (without viewstate or postbacks) as a view engine
  • Provide a hook for other view engines from the Castle Project such as NVelocity, Brail or ASPView
  • Support Inversion of Control (IoC) containers for controller creation and Dependency Injection (DI) on the controllers
  • Provide complete control over URLs and navigation
  • Be pluggable throughout
  • Separation of concerns
  • Integrate nicely within ASP.NET
  • Support static as well as dynamic languages

URL's will map directly to a controller as explained on Jeffrey's blog:


where RouteName is configured to map to SomeController.  Multiple routes can map to the same controller for the purpose of providing more URLs (think SEO).

The developer can completely override the URL processing also by providing an implementation of an interface.

Scott Hanselman was also in attendance and recorded the presentation by Scott Guthrie as well as one of his own.  Scott has made those videos available on his web site along with some incite into the framework and reaction by the blogging community.

One question that may be on peoples minds is how this announcement effects MonoRail, an excerpt from the Castle Project web site and their reaction to the news:

We think that any attempt to offer more productive tools, better testability and better separation of concerns is valuable, no matter who is the author. We are certainly pleased to see that Microsoft is delivering something that allows a more agile and productive type of web software development.

We also believe that MonoRail has been providing the same thing for the past two and half years, and will continue to do so. We're grateful that MS has chosen to offer integration points for Monorail and the Castle stack and as soon as it's available we will be working to integrate it with the rest of our projects.

More information will be coming in the months to follow leading up the the release of Visual Studio 2008.   Expect CTP releases of this framework from Scott Guthrie's team.

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