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    Q&A on the Book The Corporate Startup

    by Ben Linders Follow 20 Followers on  Dec 27, 2017

    The book The Corporate Startup by Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma and Esther Gons explores what existing large corporations can do to establish an innovation ecosystem able to continually create new growth avenues. Instead of striving to be a startup, they should find their own way of innovating, use their assets, and learn how to create and use business models that support innovation.

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    7 Habits of Successful Organizations - An Interview with Erwin van der Koogh

    by Shane Hastie Follow 18 Followers on  Jan 10, 2016

    Erwin van der Koogh gave a talk at the Agile New Zealand conference in which he discussed the Seven Habits of Successful Organizations and how they enable business agility. Afterwards he spoke to InfoQ about the key themes from his talk.

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    Software Development: How the Traditional Contract Model Increases the Risk of Failure

    by Susan Atkinson Follow 0 Followers , Gabrielle Benefield Follow 1 Followers on  May 28, 2013 13

    Susan Atkinson and Gabrielle Benefield argue that the standard contract model for software development is based on outdated and flawed assumptions, and that this is contributing to the high rates of failure in IT projects, regardless of whether the IT projects are resourced internally or outsourced to a third party. The contract model is in need of a total overhaul.


Ars Magna: the revolution is overdue

Posted by Dave West Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 04, 2010

This essay is an intentionally provocative and controversial call for a real revolution in how we conceive of and practice software development. The intent is to stimulate discussion. 32


Patterns In The Context of SOA Business Services

Posted by Michael Poulin Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 02, 2010

Michael Poulin explores the different contexts in which SOA patterns are applied; how the products from different vendors influence patterns and its effect on the responsibilities of business and IT. 14


The Meme Lifecycle

Posted by Julian Everett Follow 0 Followers , Chris Matts Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 22, 2010

Julian Everett and Chris Matts describe an IT business case as a meme - one that is competing in the complex ecosystem that constitutes a market sector and show its implications. 3


The Economics of Service Orientation

Posted by Enrique Castro-Leon Follow 0 Followers , Jackson He Follow 0 Followers , Mark Chang Follow 0 Followers , Parviz Peiravi Follow 0 Followers on  May 16, 2009

This article explores the structural economic changes brought up by service orientation and how the concept of services and the reuse of services promise long lasting relief from the cost treadmill.


We Need to Create Information System Ratings

Posted by Pierre Bonnet Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 09, 2009

Pierre Bonnet argues that information systems are too opaque and not agile enough. He claims this is the main reason why "healthy" companies can collapse within months as they take on too much risk. 5


Railway Story: SimpleTicket

Posted by Obie Fernandez Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 15, 2006

SimpleTicket, a newly open-sourced Rails app provides insight into progress and innovation enjoyed by Ruby on Rails advocates and paints a vivid picture of a dynamic, modern startup. 2

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