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InfoQ Article: When and How to Formalize Business Rules

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 04, 2006

The terms "Agile software development" and "Business Agility" are confusing: are they orthogonal or complementary? James Taylor says that for even the most complex systems, Agile development can deliver business agility - particularly when supported by the right technology. For business rules he recommends a Rules Engine, and provides guidance in how to distinguish rules from requirements.

SOA Mission Accomplished--90 Percent Complete

by Miko Matsumura on  Jul 14, 2006

A recent Aberdeen survey of over 120 IT firms indicates that nine of every ten companies are adopting or have adopted service-oriented architectures and will exit 2006 with SOA planning, design, and programming experience.

Microsoft Motion Light: Rapid Business Architecture Techniques

by David Totzke on  Jun 02, 2006

Microsoft Motion is a dynamic and systematic approach to decomposing a businesss into discreet capabilities. It organizes, measures and evaluates these capabilities and is a compliment to process mapping.