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  • Google Delivers Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Reliability Guide

    Google recently delivered a cloud infrastructure reliability guide combining best practices and expertise from its engineers for its customers.

  • C++ Core Guidelines will Help Writing Good Modern C++

    As announced at CppCon, Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter have started working on a set of guidelines for modern C++. The goal of this effort is improving how developers use the language and help ensuring they write code that is type safe, has no resource leaks, and is as much as possible free of programming logic errors.

  • Things you can Check when Adopting Agile

    An agile checklist is a tool which can help you to assess your agile implementation in an organization, and assist when adopting agile. Some examples of lists with things that you can check when adopting agile.

  • An Agile Team's Weekly Schedule

    It's 9:35 AM; do you know where your agile team is? If they are using William Pietri's example schedule, they are in the middle of their stand-up meeting, unless it's Monday, in which case they are doing iteration planning & kickoff. William's sample schedule is understandable and practical, and sparked discussion that explored subtitles in scheduling for agile teams.

  • What is the value of the Nokia Test?

    A recent discussion thread on the Scrum Development Yahoo Group examined the value of process checklist tests such as the Nokia Test or the Joel Test. Some see these tests as the starting point for a rich agile maturity model, others worry that this could lead to prescriptive approaches to agile, which would miss the whole point of inspect-and-adapt entirely.

  • Article: Software Development Lessons Learned from Poker

    There is no silver bullet. We know it, but don't act like it. Your language, tool or process is better, right? In this article, Jay Fields says: "It depends". The right choices varies with context, people, and more. This article touches upon how a lot of things must impact a choice; learning culture, skill levels, teamwork, incomplete information, metrics - and context.

  • The Power of Checklists

    In a recent New Yorker article, Atul Gawande describes how Dr. Peter Pronovost is dramatically decreasing infection rates in hospital intensive care units with "stupid little checklists". If simple checklists can save lives, can they improve your agile development team?

  • Top Ten Software Architecture Mistakes

    Eoin Woods, one of the IASA Fellows has published an article about what he considers to be the top ten software architecture mistakes - mistakes that are too often learned the hard way.

  • Why API design matters

    API design affects all developers. Some APIs are a pleasure to work with, others are annoying and yet others are downright frustrating. But what's makes the difference? Which qualities make one API easy to use and another hard? The ACM Queue recently published an article by Michi Henning about API design; an article that analyzes these aspects.