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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Software Development Lessons Learned from Poker

Article: Software Development Lessons Learned from Poker

There is no silver bullet. We know it, but don’t act like it. Your language, tool or process is better, right? In this article, Jay Fields says: “It depends”. The right choices varies with context, people, and more. This article touches upon how a lot of things must impact a choice; learning culture, skill levels, teamwork, incomplete information, metrics - and context.

As a framework for discussion, Jay makes comparisons on these topics with his former career - as a professional poker player. From the article:

One thing is absolutely true about both poker and programming: almost no one is as good as they think they are. Knowing that you aren’t as good as you think you are is a good first step, but it’s hard to know how much better the experts are. Programmers are rarely exposed to enough experts to fairly judge their own skill level. At the poker table everyone gets together for tournaments, but I’m always very surprised by how highly most people rate their abilities.

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