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Modeling the Real World with Elixir/OTP

Posted by Aish Raj Dahal  on  Oct 24, 2018 Posted by Aish Raj Dahal Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 24, 2018

Aish Raj Dahal talks about concurrency support and error handling in Elixir.

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Solving New School with the Old School (Clojure)

Posted by Jearvon Dharrie  on  Oct 24, 2018 Posted by Jearvon Dharrie Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 24, 2018

Jearvon Dharrie discusses Clojure, a language that's taking some older ideas and solving 21st-century problems, covering types, clojure.spec, parallelism and concurrency with core.async, and more.

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Turn Hours into Seconds - Concurrent Event Processing

Posted by Emil Soman  on  Mar 04, 2018 Posted by Emil Soman Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 04, 2018

Emil Soman discusses implementing a thread safe solution to a concurrency problem using Flow, Elixir's concurrent computation library.

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Go Concurrency in the Real World

Posted by Vitor De Mario  on  Jan 30, 2018 Posted by Vitor De Mario Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 30, 2018

Vitor De Mario explores several idioms and patterns applied in real world software running Go, starting from the basic syntax all the way to complete concurrent programs.

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The Why of Go

Posted by Carmen Andoh  on  Dec 28, 2017 2 Posted by Carmen Andoh Follow 3 Followers  on  Dec 28, 2017 2

Carmen Andoh provides the historical context around the technical decisions of the Go language to better understand its concurrency primitives, garbage collection, and small standard library.

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From Concurrent to Parallel

Posted by Brian Goetz  on  Jun 09, 2017 1 Posted by Brian Goetz Follow 10 Followers  on  Jun 09, 2017 1

Brian Goetz explores the different goals, tools, and techniques involved between concurrency and parallelism approaches, and how to analyze a computation for potential parallelism.

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Our Concurrent Past; Our Distributed Future

Posted by Joe Duffy  on  Apr 07, 2017 Posted by Joe Duffy Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 07, 2017

Joe Duffy talks about the concurrency's explosion onto the mainstream over the past 15 years and attempts to predict what lies ahead for distributed programming, from now til 15 years into the future.

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Looking inside a Race Detector

Posted by Kavya Joshi  on  Mar 10, 2017 Posted by Kavya Joshi Follow 6 Followers  on  Mar 10, 2017

Kavya Joshi discusses the internals of the Go race detector and delves into the compiler instrumentation of the program, and the runtime module that detects data races.

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Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory

Posted by Gil Tene  on  Aug 21, 2016 Posted by Gil Tene Follow 14 Followers  on  Aug 21, 2016

Gil Tene talks about new speculative and optimistic locking mechanisms enabled by HTM (Hardware Transactional Memory), HTM's benefits and limitations, speculating on its future impact on concurrency.

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The Quest for Low-latency with Concurrent Java

Posted by Martin Thompson  on  Mar 31, 2016 Posted by Martin Thompson Follow 28 Followers  on  Mar 31, 2016

Martin Thompson focuses on algorithms which provide very high throughput while keeping latency low and predictable, discussing the concurrency theory and implementing these algorithms in Java 8.

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Gpars: Concurrency in Java & Groovy

Posted by Ken Kousen  on  Jan 15, 2016 Posted by Ken Kousen Follow 1 Followers  on  Jan 15, 2016

Ken Kousen reviews the basic concepts of the Groovy Parallel Streams framework and demonstrates communicating sequential processes, promises, dataflow concurrency and concurrent collection processing.

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Groovy: The Awesome Parts

Posted by Paul King  on  Jan 15, 2016 Posted by Paul King Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 15, 2016

Paul King presents examples of Groovy and its application: DSL, dynamic typing, extensible static type system, Android programming, concurrency, functional, frameworks and tools.