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Software is Dead; Long Live Software! Peter Wang Engineering Velocity: Shifting the Curve at Netflix Dianne Marsh NoSQL Like There is No Tomorrow Swami Sivasubramanian, Khawaja Shams

Day 1 - Wednesday, June 11

Leveraging Big Data for Payment Risk Management John Canfield Python: why are the big dealers making big bets? Andy Fundinger, Mario Morales Big Data in Capital Markets Alex Raitt, Clive Saha
Leveraging OpenSPL for Financial Risk Computation Ryan Eavy
Migrating to Cloud Native with Microservices Adrian Cockcroft DevOps Culture And Practices To Create Flow Jez Humble Why Your Team Has Slowed Down, Why That's Worse than You Think, and How to Fix It Edmund Jorgensen TestOps: Continuous Integration when Infrastructure is the Product Barry Jaspan
Functional programming on the frontend with Facebook React Dustin Getz, Daniel Miladinov Mobile Web: So Hot Right Now Dave Arel Zero To Testing In JavaScript Pamela Selle Front End Ops Tooling Nicolas Bevacqua
The Idea Stack: finding your product vision Josh Wexler Quantifying Risk for Innovative Teams Sam McAfee Spike Lean Visual Design Directly into Your Live Style Guide Ward Penney Roadmap to the Lean Enterprise Trevor Owens
TRACK Architectures you've always wondered about
Scaling Foursquare: From Check-ins to Recommendations Jon Hoffman
Scaling Gilt: from Monolithic Ruby Application to Distributed Scala Micro-Services Architecture Yoni Goldberg Solidifying the Cloud : How Google backs up the Internet Raymond Blum Scaling Chartbeat from 8 Million Open Browsers to Realtime Analytics and Optimization Wesley Chow How Facebook Scales Big Data Systems Jeff Johnson
Living in the Matrix with Bytecode Manipulation Ashley Puls Design Patterns for Large Scale Data Movement Ken Overton PaaS Design & Architecture: A Deep Dive into Apache Stratos Samisa Abeysinghe In-Memory Data Grid Use Cases & Patterns Jean-Noel Moyne Parallel-lazy performance: Java 8 vs Scala vs GS Collections Craig Motlin

Day 2 - Thursday, June 12

TRACK Software Architecture Improvements
If We Took Conway's Law Seriously... Michael Feathers
Strategic Design: Embrace Imperfection! Eric Evans Akka for Concurrency works Duncan DeVore Event-driven services with F# and EventStore Leo Gorodinski Panel - What's the Best Way to Improve Software Architectures? Eric Evans, Michael Feathers, Duncan DeVore, Leo Gorodinski
TRACK Applied Data Science and Machine Learning
Data Science at Mount Sinai Jeff Hammerbacher
Structure, Personalization, Scale: A Deep Dive into LinkedIn Search Asif Makhani, Daniel Tunkelang Machine Learning at Netflix Scale Aish Fenton Weathering the Data Storm Claudia Perlich Employing Data Science to Enhance the Facebook Experience Justin Moore
TRACK Java Innovations - The Latest Trends in Java Technology
Evolving Java Brian Goetz
Java SE 8 for Tablets, Pis, and Legos Steve Chin Spring 4 on Java 8 Juergen Hoeller Are your G1GC Logs Speaking to you. Kirk Pepperdine Nashorn - Native JavaScript support in Java 8 Viktor Gamov
Optimizing Mobile Performance with Real User Monitoring Brittany Young Creating Native-Like Mobile Apps with AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova Christophe Coenraets My mobile app only works on my phone? How to scale enterprise mobile apps. Cassandra Shum, Maria Gomez The State of Hybrid Mobile Development TJ Van Toll
The Business Value of IT in Today's Digital World Joe Weinman Enterprise IT: What's Beyond Virtualization Derek Collison Computational Patterns of the Cloud Ines Sombra Canary Analyze All The Things: How we learned to Keep Calm and Release Often Roy Rapoport
BlueMix, A Flexible PaaS for Application Development Mark Vanderwiele Drones, Phones, and Pwns - The Promise (and Dangers) of IoT APIs Jaime Ryan Generating NoSQL from SQL - Tools and techniques Peter Milne Deployed in 60 Minutes: Increasing Production Deployments from Six Months to Every Hour Matt Makai Turn your XML into binary - make it smaller and faster John Davies

Day 3 - Friday, June 13

The Game of Big Data: Scalable, Reliable Analytics Infrastructure at KIXEYE Randy Shoup Let Me Graph That For You: Building a Graph Database Application Ian Robinson How WebMD maintains operational flexibility with NoSQL Rajeev Borborah, Matthew Wilson Analyzing Big Data On The Fly Shawn Gandhi
Climbing Off The Ladder, Before We Fall Off Chris Angove GitHub Communications Culture and Tools Matthew Mc Cullough Learnings from Building and Scaling Gilt Michael Bryzek The Pivotal Way Josh Knowles
TRACK Everything as a Service (XaaS) - Web APIs
Evolving REST for an IoT World Todd Montgomery
Canonical Models for API Interoperability Ted Epstein 10 Reasons Why Developers Hate Your API John Musser Clients Matter, Services Don't Mike Amundsen All Your API Are Belong to Us Paul Hill
UI: The Functional Final Frontier David Nolen ECMAScript 6: what's next for JavaScript? Dr. Axel Rauschmayer SpiderMonkey Parser API: A Standard For Structured JS Representations Michael Ficarra CoffeeScript: The Good Parts Azat Mardan
Caml Trading - Experiences with OCaml on Wall Street Yaron Minsky Property-Based Testing for Better Code Jessica Kerr The Functional Programming Concepts in Facebook's Mobile Apps Adam Ernst A day in the life of a functional data scientist Richard Minerich
Priming Java for Speed at Market Open Gil Tene Mobile Dev Ops for Mobile App Excellence Alex Gaber Humanoid robots need applications ! Bruno Maisonnier Performance Testing Crash Course Dustin Whittle

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