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Quantum Advantage Formally Proved for Short-Depth Quantum Circuits

by Sergio De Simone Follow 18 Followers on  Oct 21, 2018

Researchers from IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, the University of Waterloo, Canada, and the Technical University of Munich, Germany, have proved theoretically that quantum computers can solve certain problems faster than classical computers. The algorithm they devised fits the limitations of current quantum computing processors, and an experimental demonstration may come soon.

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Q&A with Jeff Smith on His DevOpsDays NZ Keynote on DevOps Transformations

by Rafiq Gemmail Follow 6 Followers on  Oct 20, 2018

InfoQ catches up with Jeff Smith on Centro transformation to a DevOps culture, which will feature in his forthcoming keynote at DevOpsDays NZ. Smith also discusses his recent DevOpsDays Indianapolis talk on the misalignment which can arise due to the different lenses through which collaborators see the world.

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Designing Organisations with Purposeful Agile

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Oct 18, 2018

In a purpose-centric agile implementation, stakeholders make a clear shared purpose come to reality through visible outcomes. It starts with awareness of the organisation’s installed culture, finding installed habits and beliefs that pull back and block change, and deciding what you want to do about that. The second step is to create the necessary time and space for true change to happen.

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Tim Berners-Lee Introduces "Solid" Decentralized Identity Platform

by Dylan Schiemann Follow 8 Followers on  Oct 16, 2018

Solid is a new decentralized identity platform from WWW Creator Tim Berners-Lee. Solid provides a mechanism for users to own and better control the usage of their data.

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Recognitions of 2018 World Agility Announced

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Oct 11, 2018 1

The 2018 world agility recognitions have been announced by the World Agility Forum. Next to regional recognitions for companies in Europe, Africa, and America, there are also recognitions for creativity agility, agile in defense, team agility, personal agility, and lifetime agility.

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QCon SF 2018 (Nov 5-7) International Software Conference: Tracks, Workshops and Highlights

by Wesley Reisz Follow 17 Followers on  Oct 05, 2018

QCon San Francisco, the 12th annual software conference that attracts attendees from all over the world, returns to the Silicon Valley area November 5-7, 2018. With 32 days before the conference, 75% of the individually curated talks have been confirmed. The remaining talks are expected to be finalized over the next few weeks.

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How Continuous Delivery Impacts Testing

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Oct 04, 2018

With continuous delivery we need to focus on quality as we write the code. Not every team will have testers, but if there are testers then they will work closely with developers, writing code to automate the small number of tests that cannot be covered by unit tests while helping developers creating unit tests.

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Tracks Announced! QCon London 2019 (March 4-8, 2019)

by Wesley Reisz Follow 17 Followers on  Oct 04, 2018

QCon returns to London for the 13th annual software conference March 4-6, 2019. The topics for this year’s conference have been announced: Architecture, Chaos, JavaScript, Performance and many more.

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Readable Code - Why, How and When You Should Write It

by Thomas Betts Follow 48 Followers on  Oct 02, 2018

Most people would say they want readable code, and may even prefer readability over functionality. But when it comes down to asking people to define readability, opinions will start to diverge. At Explore DDD 2018 , Laura Savino covered why we want readable code, what it really means to be readable, and when readability absolutely must take priority over other considerations.

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Lessons from the UK Government's Digital Transformation Journey

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 27, 2018

Citizens can get the information and services they need more quickly because users' needs are considered in government service design, and suppliers can work with the government in modern agile ways: these are two benefits resulting from the UK Government's digital transformation. Having teams exposed directly to users motivates teams to make their products better.

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Creating a Multi-Team Test Automation Solution

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 22, 2018

A solid test framework with automated tests can increase the confidence to release. Cross-team pairing on the framework made it possible for a team to build quality in from the start; it also brought the teams together and upskilled the testers in test automation.

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Atlassian Announces Solutions for Incident Management

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 20, 2018

Atlassian announced on September 4 that they have launched a new product called Jira Ops and that they will acquire OpsGenie. Organizations can use Jira Ops for resolving incidents and doing post-mortems to learn from them. OpsGenie adds prompt and reliable alerting to Jira Ops.

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Intelligent Automation on Pace for Explosive Growth, But Organizational Challenges Prevalent

by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers on  Sep 16, 2018

In a recent KPMG study, the professional services organization published a report on the growth of Intelligent Automation. The report suggests that overall spend will reach $232 billion by 2025, compared to $12.4 billion which is spent today. But, this expected growth comes with many challenges, including tool maturity, skilled labor and organizational change management.

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Eric Evans Says Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Isn't Done

by Thomas Betts Follow 48 Followers on  Sep 15, 2018 1

During his keynote at Explore DDD, Eric Evans said "DDD isn't done." Over the past fifteen years since Domain-Driven Design was published, DDD hasn't stood still, and there is still much to do to keep DDD evolving.

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Compliance in an Agile World

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Sep 14, 2018

Compliance is about making sure that you are doing the right thing and being able to prove it. With agile and frequent deliveries, you need to build compliance into the process of delivery. Making compliance obligation part of the thing that DevOps teams own increases the likelihood of success.

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