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Under the Hood of Reactive Data Access

Posted by Mark Paluch  on  Nov 06, 2018 Posted by Mark Paluch Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 06, 2018

Mark Paluch explains what happens inside the Spring Data 5 reactive driver and how data is accessed and provided in a reactive way.

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JDBC, What Is It Good For?

Posted by Thomas Risberg  on  Jun 16, 2018 Posted by Thomas Risberg Follow 2 Followers  on  Jun 16, 2018

Thomas Risberg reviews what has been happening in the world of JDBC lately and how it fits with the latest trends like Reactive, Non-Blocking APIs, Microservices, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

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Gimel: PayPal’s Analytics Data Platform

Posted by Deepak Chandramouli  on  Jun 13, 2018 Posted by Deepak Chandramouli Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 13, 2018

Deepak Chandramouli introduces and demos Gimel, a unified analytics data platform which provides access to any storage through a single unified data API and SQL.

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Simplifying Apache Geode with Spring Data

Posted by John Blum  on  Jun 02, 2018 Posted by John Blum Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 02, 2018

John Blum shows how to use the annotation-based configuration model to build an Apache Geode client-server application.

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Under the Hood of Reactive Data Access

Posted by Mark Paluch  on  Apr 01, 2018 Posted by Mark Paluch Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 01, 2018

Mark Paluch explains what happens inside the Spring Data reactive driver and how data is accessed in a reactive setting.

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Reactive Data Access with Spring Data

Posted by Mark Paluch  on  Mar 10, 2018 Posted by Mark Paluch Follow 0 Followers , Christoph Strobl Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 10, 2018

Christoph Strobl and Mark Paluch discuss non-blocking data access using Spring Data for NoSQl data stores and Project Reactor.

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Homoiconicity: It Is What It Is

Posted by Stuart Sierra  on  Oct 31, 2017 Posted by Stuart Sierra Follow 4 Followers  on  Oct 31, 2017

Stuart Sierra demonstrates the power that comes from having the same data representation at all layers: programming language, specification, database, inter-process communication, and user interface.

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Managing Data in Microservices

Posted by Randy Shoup  on  Aug 01, 2017 6 Posted by Randy Shoup Follow 23 Followers  on  Aug 01, 2017 6

Randy Shoup shares microservices managing data patterns from Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix., talking on the need to access the data only through microservice's interface, communicate through events.

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Power of the Log:LSM & Append Only Data Structures

Posted by Ben Stopford  on  Jun 15, 2017 4 Posted by Ben Stopford Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 15, 2017 4

Ben Stopford talks about the beauty of sequential access and append only data structures in the context of “Log Structured Merge Trees”.

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Practical Data Synchronization Using CRDTs

Posted by Dmitry Ivanov  on  Mar 10, 2017 Posted by Dmitry Ivanov Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 10, 2017

Dmitry Ivanov discusses the basic CRDTs implementations in Scala, explaining the advantages of these data structures to solve many synchronization problems as well as their limitations.

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Spring Data Hazelcast: Fluently Accessing Distributed Repositories

Posted by Neil Stevenson  on  Jan 26, 2017 Posted by Neil Stevenson Follow 0 Followers , VIctor Gamov Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 26, 2017

Victor Gamov and Neil Stevenson present using Spring Data for a Hazelcast project, built on the KeyValue module and providing infrastructure components for creating repository abstractions.

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Advanced Spring Data REST

Posted by Oliver Gierke  on  Dec 25, 2016 Posted by Oliver Gierke Follow 2 Followers  on  Dec 25, 2016

Covering the features added to Spring Data REST in recent releases, Oliver Gierke looks at how to integrate manually coded REST resources, tweak representations and work with lookup types.