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  • How to be Creative and Remain Focused in the Digital Distraction Era

    The way we use digital devices has a strong impact on our cognitive skills. The main skills impacted are creativity and focus; both are very much needed in future jobs and they are very much influenced by our digital habits, said Monica Bormetti. She spoke about focus and creativity in the digital distraction era at Agile Business Day 2019.

  • Arnold Egg on Agile in a Dynamic Environment at the Agile Impact Conference

    Arnold Egg will talk at the upcoming Agile Impact conference in Indonesia on Agile in a Dynamic Environment, exploring his experience as CTO of one of the largest conglomerates in Asia. He talks about how Indonesia is ideally situated to provide products and services for other parts of the world and what Digital Transformation is about. There is no single solution and copy-past adoptions fail.

  • Supporting Digital Leadership with Agile

    Digitization can no longer be stopped; with customers who increasingly act digitally and mobile it is important to show digital leadership. IT is taking over traditional services and is leading the way for new digital connected products. An organization applied agile to change the way teams are funded and to establish teams of owners who take responsibility to put good products in the market.

  • Patterns for Digital Transformation of Organisations

    A variety of transformation patterns have emerged as organisations adopt digital technologies.  Research firm IDC has identified four patterns for digital transformation of large organisations.

  • InfoQ Interview: Using Agile for SOA Implementation

    Current SOA project guidance generally encourages a phase-based approach, fully defining the solution before implementation begins. This autumn, Digital Focus published their experience with an incremental approach, in "SOA, Meet Agile". InfoQ interviewed both the client and the author of the experience report, and on business-IT alignment.

  • NAG Continuous Integration Monitor Announced

    Digital Focus has announced their open source "NAG" continuous integration tool, which monitors the stability of multiple application servers and notifies users of software build failures via audible and visual cues. Ready now for Apache Continuum, and already working to support Cruise Control, Lunt Build, and Ant Hill monitoring, this tool is specifically designed to support Agile teams.