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John Langford on Vowpal Wabbit, Used by MSN, and Machine Learning in Industry with John Langford Posted on Aug 19, 2016 Machine learning research scientist John Langford talks to QCon chair Wesley Reisz about his ML system Vowpal Wabbit used for news personalisation on MSN. They also discuss how to get started in the field and its shift from academic research to industry use.

Caitie McCaffrey on Engineering Effectiveness and Verifying Distributed Systems with Caitie McCaffrey Posted on Jul 22, 2016 Caitie McCaffrey talks about engineering effectiveness, approaching diversity, and verification of distributed systems at QCon New York 2016.

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InfoQ eMag: Hadoop Apache Hadoop is proving useful in deriving insights out of large amounts of data, and is seeing rapid improvements. Hadoop 2 now goes beyond Map-Reduce; it is more modular, pluggable and flexible and it fits a variety of use cases better. We explore this as well as some tools that can help utilize Hadoop better.
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