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  • Microsoft Releases MSDN Library as Free Download

    Microsoft has released the MSDN Library as a free public download. The library was previously only available to MSDN subscribers, though most of the information was already available through the MSDN website. The Library is current as of May 2006, and will be updated with future versions for free download.

  • Microsoft to Release NDoc Killer

    According to an MSDN Forums post, Microsft is preparing to release a Community Tech Preview (CTP) of Sandcastle (Documentation Compiler), its answer to NDoc, the open-source generator for documentation from XML code comments.

  • Ajax-driven Javadoc browsing is a new Ajax-driven Javadoc repository the currently includes packages from 85 projects. Java API documentation is displayed in a style that is radically different from the classic javadoc style that generated with JDK. The site itself is built with Tapestry.

  • Minimalism: Creating Manuals People Can Use

    Yes, documentation is not "working software". That being said, a certain amount of documentation is often necessary. But where do we start, to lighten up our documentation processes? JoAnn Hackos' workshop on July 11/12 teaches a disiplined minimalism, allowing teams to leverage structured writing, etc. to create just enough documentation - the right documentation. Almost sounds agile :-)