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  • AWS Introduces Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

    At AWS Storage Day 2021, the cloud provider announced Amazon FSx for ONTAP, a managed file system for ONTAP data management software. Supporting file access and storage functionalities already used by enterprise customers, the service targets the migration to the cloud of applications and workloads that require high-performance ONTAP storage.

  • Zesty Disk Provides Automatic Scaling for AWS EBS

    Zesty recently released Zesty Disk, an automated scaling solution for AWS EBS. Zesty Disk monitors EBS performance metrics and can automatically scale the cluster size based on those metrics. This is done by creating a cluster of EBS volumes that can be attached or detached as needed based on system usage.

  • AWS Introduces New EBS Volume io2 with Higher Durability and IOPS/GiB

    AWS recently introduced a new provisioned IOPS volume type (io2) for high-performance databases and workloads that offers a durability of 99.999% and the ability to provision up to 500 IOPS for every GiB of storage.

  • Amazon EBS Service Supports Enhanced Size and Increased Performance

    Amazon announced increased size and IOPS for Elastic Block Store (EBS) at AWS re:Invent 2014. This feature has now become generally available in all AWS regions.

  • New Low End T2 Instances for Amazon EC2

    Amazon have introduced T2, a new class of low cost general purpose instances for EC2 intended for workloads that don’t drive consistently high CPU usage. At the low end t2.micro offers higher performance, more memory (1GiB) and a lower cost (1.3¢/hr) than the previous t1.micro. The T2 class also offers small and medium sizing with 2GiB and 4GiB RAM respectively.

  • Presentation: Amazon Web Services: Building Blocks for True Internet Applications

    This presentation discusses how Amazon's Web Services can help Web developers solve common but vexing problems, including scaling. The Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple DB are discussed in detail along with the Simple Queue, Simple Storage, and Flexible Payment Services. Each discussion covers basic concepts, example APIs, and brief introductions of case studies.