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  • Eclipse Ganymede: An in-depth look at RAP (Rich Ajax Platform)

    As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release which is scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), which is releasing version 1.1. InfoQ spoke with Jochen Krause to learn more about RAP and what it provides.

  • E4 summit debates on the future goals and directions of Eclipse

    With only a few weeks to go until Ganymede is released, already the sights are set on the future of Eclipse, referred to as E4. A recent E4 Summit debated the future goals and directions of where Eclipse is going in the future.

  • Is P2 ready for Eclipse?

    Eclipse P2 provides a sophisticated way of downloading both OSGi bundles and other artefacts (such as the platform-specific launcher). Its aim is to both replace the Update Manager, and provide a number of improvements to the download process, including multi-threaded downloads and even a standalone installer for Eclipse applications. However, is it ready for next month's Ganymede release?

  • Eclipse Prepares for 3.4 with Feature Complete Milestone Release

    The final milestone and feature-complete version of Eclipse 3.4M7 was released on Friday, with a number of improvements over the previous Eclipse 3.3 version.

  • EclipseCon 2008 Roundup

    Last week's EclipseCon delivered 300 presentations and tutorials to a crowd of over 1,400 attendees. InfoQ looks at the highlights including the newly announced Eclipse Runtime as well as EclipseLink and OSGi advancements.

  • Pulse Seeks to Clarify the Eclipse Deployment Picture

    Earlier in the month at EclipseWorld Genuitec (creators of MyEclipse) announced Pulse a free software service that alleviates the frustration of managing Eclipse-based software whether commercial or open source.

  • Eclipse Releases New Versions of 21 Open Source Projects

    The Eclipse Foundation has released its annual coordinated project release, named Europa for 2007. Europa features 21 projects including new versions of the core Eclipse IDE, BIRT, EMF, and the Web Tools Platform.

  • Case Study: Quickly Responding to Customer Needs with Eclipse RCP

    The contract furniture industry demands software that can rapidly adapt to change. RPC software provides ERP and project planning solutions to companies in this space. This case study takes a look at how they are using Eclipse RCP and other Eclipse technology to respond to customer needs at a rapid pace while continuing to providing a first class user experience.

  • Wazaabi 1.0 XUL Interpreter for Eclipse RCP Apps Released

    Wazaabi, a set of Eclipse plugins providing a XUL interpreter so Eclipse RCP applications can be built with XUL described GUIs, has released version 1.0.

  • Bringing Eclipse RCP to Cellphones

    The embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) for Eclipse has recently released version 1.0. eRCP provides many of the same features for J2ME environments that the RCP does for the desktop, including OSGI and extension points, a version of SWT called eSWT, and eUpdate to provide dynamic updates. eRCP attempts to solve some of J2ME's shortcomings.

  • A Comparative Look at Eclipse RCP and Netbeans Platform

    Eclipse RCP has been in the news lately due to increased adoption numbers and the growing use of OSGi. The RCP framework provides a jumpstart to developers looking at writing modular rich client applications. Many developers are unaware that the Netbeans IDE also includes a framework to develop such applications called Netbeans Platform.