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Ines Sombra on Data Services at Engine Yard by Ines Sombra Posted on Sep 08, 2014 Engine Yard's Ines Sombra discusses state management in the cloud in general, and specific data stores including MySQL, Postgres and some NoSQL alternatives. She also explains why the pets and cattle analogy doesn't work for her, and what need to be done in organisations with respect to trusting people and trusting the infrastructure.

Dr Nic Williams on Rails, RailsInstaller and the Future of Ruby VMs by Dr Nic Williams Posted on Sep 07, 2011 Dr Nic Williams talks about the state of the Rails community, the reasons for supporting JRuby and Rubinius implementations and for creating RailsInstaller.

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Computational Patterns of the Cloud by Ines Sombra Posted on Sep 04, 2014 Ines Sombra discusses cloud computing’s paradigms and their applications with practical examples from Engine Yard’s customers, peers, and partners, covering antipatterns and myths.

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