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  • RightScale: Top 9 Public and Top 6 Private Clouds

    RightScale, a service provider across multiple clouds, has published the results of their annual State of Cloud 2014 survey conducted in February of this year. This article highlights some of the most significant findings.

  • RightScale Is One Step Closer to a Unified Cloud API

    RightScale, a company providing unified access to multiple clouds, has announced a new release of their cloud management platform consisting of a new MultiCloud API, a new Add Server Assistant, and a Community Translations.

  • Private Cloud Roundup

    Private clouds continue to grow in popularity and offer a number of appealing benefits to an organization including higher utilization of existing server resources, improved manageability, pay as you go, and self-service. This roundup provides a high-level view of some of the key ingredients for creating a private cloud solution.

  • Talend Releases a Cloud Version of its Unified Integration Platform

    Talend announced at the Cloud Computing Expo last week that it was releasing a Cloud-based version of its Enterprise Unified Integration Platform.

  • Terracotta and Eucalyptus Integration Provides Data Management and Elastic Provisioning in the Cloud

    Terracotta recently announced a partnership with open source private cloud platform vendor Eucalyptus that allows the companies to provision private clouds on Amazon AWS-compatible Eucalyptus cloud platform and take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud.

  • Panel: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

    In this virtual panel, InfoQ wants to find out from leading cloud experts what are the benefits brought by cloud computing as well as the constraints in using them, what is better to use, a public or a private cloud, is the cloud interoperability needed, what is the difference between providing infrastructure or a platform, and how can a client enforce regulatory compliance.

  • 2009 Under The Radar Winners Announced

    Last Friday, Venture Capitalists gathered in Mountain View to listen to about 30 startups, some as young as 3 month old, presenting their product and their business model. All these companies offer products in the Cloud Computing area. A panel of judges and the attendants ranked each company.