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    Classloader Acrobatics: Code Generation with OSGi

    by Todor Boev Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 17, 2009 4

    Porting great infrastructure to OSGi often means solving complex classloading problems. This article is dedicated to the frameworks that face the hardest issues in this area: those that do dynamic code generation. Incidentally these are also the coolest frameworks: AOP wrappers, ORM mappers, and service proxy generators are just a few examples.

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    Book Excerpt and Interview: Dependency Injection

    by Dio Synodinos Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 07, 2009 9

    Dependency Injection by Dhanji R. Prasanna is a book that tries to explore the DI idiom in detail, and present techniques in Spring and Guice. Dhanji is a Google software engineer who works on Google Wave and also contributes to Guice, MVEL, and other open source projects.

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    Book Excerpt and Interview: Effective Java, Second Edition

    by Ryan Slobojan Follow 0 Followers on  May 13, 2008 8

    Effective Java, Second Edition by Joshua Bloch is an updated version of the classic first edition, which was the winner of a 2001 Jolt Award. This edition has been updated to discuss Java 6 language features including generics, enums, annotations, autoboxing, the for-each loop, varargs, and concurrency utilities. InfoQ asked Bloch several questions about the areas that the new edition covers.


Drinking your Guice too quickly?

Posted by Paul Hammant Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 01, 2008

Many teams struggle when moving their applications to use Dependency Injection. In this article, Paul Hammant explains how to move an existing application from a nest-of-singletons design to DI. 3

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