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  • 2012 - Boom Times Are Back

    With 2012 technology salaries on the rise now may be the time for you to start your job search. This article covers the emerging trends in IT employment in 2012 and how it will impact you as an IT and software professional.

  • Individual Rewards on a Scrum Team

    In a recent LinkedIn discussion the question was asked "Should we have an individual recognition reward on a Scrum team". This prompted some intense debate with points both for and against.

  • Does specific technology knowledge matter when recruiting?

    Does technology matter when it comes to recruiting developers? Or is the way of thinking the only thing that’s really important? In a time when many job advertisements are flooded with technology buzzwords, Dan Creswell found an Amazons recruitment ad that solely focuses on thinking and understanding.

  • InfoQ Article: Creating a Collaborative Workspace

    We may imagine an extremely Agile team as working in a minimalist teamroom, surrounded by whiteboards. But that isn't enough - some of the comforts left behind in our traditional spaces were there for good reasons. In this InfoQ article several experienced coaches offer advice from experience, on creating collaborative team spaces that work.

  • The Agile Alliance Takes an Official Position on Certification

    The discussions that have been happening in distributed pockets of the community regarding certification of Agile processes has prompted the Agile Alliance to take a stance. Their position is employers should have confidence only in certifications that are skill-based and difficult to achieve. That means that certifications such as Certified Scrum Master and DSDM Foundation do not pass muster.

  • Gender Gap Continues to Increase in IT: Gartner

    A recent Gartner report on the gender gap in IT states that although many feel that women are "innately better suited than men" to navigate the new global economy, they are not choosing to enter IT - and some are leaving. Gartner predicts that by 2012, 40% of women in the IT workforce will leave traditional IT career paths.

  • IT Hiring Trend: Business Savvy Mandatory

    Ziff Davis' August surveys find that IT is growing in all sectors, leading to increased IT hiring. And though execs express a significant preference for IT professionals with a head for business over technical wizards, they anticipate these will be hard to find. Particularly in demand are professionals in project management, business-process redesign, business analysis and systems integration.

  • Interviewing for Agile Teams Podcast

    Team dynamics can dramatically affect team performance, so staffing teams well is a critical success factor. Rob Myers, an Extreme Programming coach, has recorded a podcast "Interviewing Techniques for Staffing Lean-Agile Teams."

  • Generalists, Brush Up Your Resumes

    Good news: a) in many places, it's a job-hunter's market again; b) recruiters are looking for exceptional, well-rounded, super-smart generalists - multitalented, multifaceted, multitasking problem-solvers. Have you been updating your skillset? Work-force consulting firm Foote Partners tells us which skills are in demand.